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‘When Christmas Comes Around’: Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas Special Will Air Once Again Tonight



'When Christmas Comes Around' Kelly Clarkson's Christmas Special Will Air Once Again Tonight

Christmas is around the corner, and one could not be happier. Hollywood, too is rejoicing. The famous host of the Voice show, Kelly Clarkson, is all set to kickstart the month of December with the launch of her new show on NBC special.

The show features the performances of other Hollywood actors and actresses who come and dance to the tunes to entertain the public. 

The season comprises four episodes that will be released on the four weekends of December. Not only this but also, the show would feature live performances of pop stars and guest appearances of other celebrity guests.

This is going to be a Power packed show. Brett and Arina Grande are all set to stage on fire. Amy and Odom will also appear in the front to promote their latest music albums. The show will air on FuboTV and NBC every Saturday in December. 

What To Expect From The Show? 

The show has been made explicitly to provide a beautiful ending to the Year by celebrating the latest hits. The show would feature everything from live performances to dance and drama.

'When Christmas Comes Around' Kelly Clarkson's Christmas Special Will Air Once Again Tonight

All the actors and celebrities from the different segments of society would be making an appearance on the show and hence would entertain the people. Interviews and some chatting sessions would also be conducted. 

Not only this, but some behind scenes have also been recorded, and the same will be available for the public to view so that they can have a better insight into the life of these superstars. It would be incredible to watch them together on the same floor.

This will be the perfect depiction of fraternity among all these people. In a recent interview with the NY Times, Kelly Clarkson was pleased with her decision to launch the show at this point. According to her, this will be the perfect ending to the Year, and it just couldn’t get better. 

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Her Albums

She would also be launching her latest holiday season album. When Christmas comes around, her album is one of the most awaited albums of the Year. In September, she released her top-grossing album, Christmas isn’t canceled.

The song occupied the Number 2 slot on the US billboard until September 2022. This album of hers features some of her original works, such as Glow and Merry Christmas. She has collaborated with George Michael for Jingle Bells. 

Chris Pinto has also worked on the album for the song Last Christmas. She would be performing on all previous holiday season albums, which includes the most famous album of 2013, Wrapped in red. Even despite so many years, this album continues to rule the hearts of Americans. This is going to be a spectacular season and will celebrate the end of the Year in the best possible way.

These lots for the performances have already been allotted, and it is expected that they will be put in place anytime soon. The audience can’t wait for the show to commence. The subscriptions are readily available online. This season will be followed by another season expected to be released by the middle of next Year. 


It can be concluded that this is a fantastic idea, and there couldn’t be a better way to celebrate the music of Hollywood which brings life to almost everything.

It will be a wonderful show to watch with friends and family and in this way, you can extract the best out of yourself. So, even if you haven’t extracted any show to watch, this can be the one that can show you results. 

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