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Kanye West Is No Longer Buying Parler- According To The Company



Kanye West Is No Longer Buying Parler- According To The Company

Kanye loves Hitler, but this devotion hasn’t been good for his finances, as he recently had a deal with Parler revoked. Kanye has many controversies at his disposal after being accused of being an anti-Semite. There is terrible news for Ye on the well-known right-wing social media platform Parler (formerly known as Kanye).

Controversial artist Kanye West, according to Parler, is no longer a shareholder in the business. The cancellation was issued in response to recent remarks made by rapper InfoWars, who admittedly spoke openly about his support for the Nazi Party and specifically for Hitler.

InfoWars Jones presenter Jones has recently made headlines for himself. Due to his assertions that the Sandy Hook school tragedy was a hoax, he recently lost several cases brought by Sandy Hook family members.

Alongside white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, West made an unmasked appearance on the program. West has been observed traveling alongside him.

Although Parler claimed in a tweet that both parties had decided to dissolve the agreement, the sudden cancellations suggest otherwise. The parent company of Parler, Parlement Technologies, announced in a statement that it had agreed with Ye to halt its plans to sell Parler.

What Could Be Other Possibilities For The Cancellation?

As each of his commercial connections gets canceled one by one, insiders claim that Ye is currently experiencing personal turmoil. Therefore, in addition to his anti-Semitic comments, his continued commercial difficulties were a factor in the Parlers’ decision to act jointly.

 Kanye West Is No Longer Buying Parler- According To The Company

Ye has seen several profitable business deals in the last several weeks. This occurred as a result of his anti-Semitic sentiments. Adidas, an athletic gear manufacturer, also ended its business relationship with Kanye in October, so it wasn’t just Parler.

According to rumors, it has dissolved its alliance with Ye, as well as alliances with Gap and Balenciaga. As a result, Kanye’s main source of income has likewise gone. Earlier this week, Ye also revealed something shocking on a right-wing podcast.

He acknowledged that the Internal Revenue Service had blocked several of his accounts. This was brought on by the rising debt he owed for a $50 million delinquent tax obligation. Therefore, it is probably expected that anti-Semitic rapper Ye will soon announce that he is filing for bankruptcy.

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More About Parler And Kanye’s Deal

Kanye first stated his ambitions regarding purchasing his grip over Parler in October 2022. Parler had initially accepted the acquisition agreement. Even though West had previously had his social media accounts disabled, the arrangement was nevertheless reached.

His removal was highlighted by several major social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, for his antisemitic sentiments. West made another aggressive appearance at Paris Fashion Week just before the deal’s announcement.

In the venues, he made an appearance alongside Candace Owens, a conservative broadcaster, and the two were both wearing “White Lives Matter” t-shirts. It is difficult to imagine Kanye’s level of awkwardness and how long he will continue to be that way. George Farmer, the CEO of Parler, is Owens’ husband.

Given that the Parler app has been involved in various issues, Kanye’s connection with any purchase of Parler should not come as a surprise. The Parler app was taken down from the Google Play and Apple App Stores in 2021.

Violations of the platform’s content moderation guidelines regarding violent rhetoric led to the removal. Parler, though, was eventually permitted to return to both platforms. A stricter policy regarding its app content must now be followed, though.

In response to his recent controversies, Kanye has taken a lot of heat and is consequently struggling commercially. Now that Kanye has received a resounding no from Parler let’s see what lies ahead for him.

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