Simon Cowell Was Trolled Following His Unrecognizable Appearance In A Video

Simon Cowell Was Trolled Following His Unrecognizable Appearance In A Video

Simon Cowell is a very famous judge of America’s Got Talent. He has always been promoting the audience to participate in the Championship because, according to him, only a few moments can change an individual’s life for the better.

He uses his Twitter account to post videos to encourage talented people to participate in the competition. But a recent clip uploaded by him in the same context has sparked much controversy against him. Simon Cowell had taken the stand against Botox. 

According to him, this was the most futile procedure a person could ever undergo. The best way is to accept oneself in the way he is. But in the recently surfaced clip, Simon can be seen in a different avatar.

He has a broad smile and pumped-up lips, depicting that he has undergone some kind of cosmetic procedure. Not only this but his facial expressions and features were much more enhanced than they usually are. 

Controversial Clip

Almost all the people who have viewed the clip do not focus on participating in the competition but want to talk about Simon. Many fans are curious to know the reason behind the change that has been produced in Simon. The changes became much more noticeable after his statue was unveiled at Madame Tussauds. Fans were able to distinguish the new additions to the face. 

Simon Cowells Controversial Clip

It is essential to note that Simon’s face looks like George Michael’s. His face has undergone a complete transformation. Some commentators also concluded that he is just the son of Herman Munster. He has become a drawing room matter of Laughter for all his fans because he looks vague many times.

Some people have also compared him to Jesus Fresco, which appeared in 2012. He is being brutally trolled. This part of the clip has become highly controversial and the talk of the town. 

What Does Simon Have To Say About This? 

After noting down the different types of accusations levied against him, Simon stepped ahead to defend himself. He confessed that he had undergone Cosmetic surgery, but this was not complete cosmetic surgery. 

Simon Cowell

It was just botox and nothing more of that. The fans need more time to accept his clarifications as the reality is somehow different. One of the fans also commented on his statement that they could notice the difference between Cosmetic surgery and Botox.

Both of them are miles apart. Simon outrightly denies the truth, and this is something that is not acceptable from the end of a superstar. But the representatives of this superstar have also supported him because he has got these fillers because he wants to create a horror look for his upcoming projects. He is definitely not being hideous about anything. 

His Vast Experiences

It has not been the first time that he has been indulged in so much controversy. It was in the year 2018 that he was equally trolled after he underwent a facelift operation. But at that point in time, he openly admitted all the changes that he has incorporated on his face without any kind of secret.

Something similar to this is expected of him. But in the present situation, he clearly denies that he underwent a complete cosmetic change. 

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Final Words

It can be concluded that such media trolling must not always reveal the truth and all the accusations must be noted down to bring the best conclusion. It is evident to analyze the situation on the basis of the facts available and not on the basis of the facts that have been presented by the media in order to reach a given conclusion

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