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Tampa Police Issue Arrest Warrant For Antonio Brown For Domestic Assault



Tampa Police Issue Arrest Warrant For Antonio Brown For Domestic Assault

The Tampa Police Department has filed an arrest warrant for Antonio Brown, who doesn’t appear to be in the prime of life. A police statement claims that the former NFL star Antonio Brown was involved in a domestic violence incident involving a lady.

According to the authorities, Brown and the victim got into a verbal fight. According to reports, the confrontation happened on Monday afternoon at home in South Tampa. The main reason for Antonio Brown’s fame is that he was a wide receiver with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the past.

What Exactly Happened?

An argument was verbally exchanged to start the fight. The discussion eventually became physical at some point. The suspect threw a shoe at the victim, which led to a rather strange turn in the situation. The victim is also said to have been the target of Brown’s attempted eviction from the house.

Tampa Police Issue Arrest Warrant For Antonio Brown For Domestic Assault

Then, following a police report, he locked her outside the house. Sources got documents from the Tampa police on November 28 that reveal their version of events. The woman was not hurt by the sneaker that was thrown at her, the police said in the report. The sneaker, nevertheless, was allegedly intended for her head.

Brown has remained confined to his South Tampa home since Monday. On Thursday, numerous news outlets showed images of police returning to Brown’s house. He is being urged outdoors by the police in their best effort to persuade him.

Officers allegedly used a loudspeaker to order Brown to come out after knocking on his door and knocking again. Without taking Brown to jail, certainly, the police will not budge an inch.

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The Buccaneers Fired Brown

The Buccaneers cut loose the seven-time NFL Pro Bowler in January, so Brown’s departure is still as raw as a wound. The choice was made when Brown abruptly left the field against the New York Jets during the game.

Previously, Brown claimed that an ankle ailment was the reason he had to leave the game. Brown was a member of the Bucs team that won the Super Bowl the previous year. He stated that the team was aware of his injury.

Numerous concerns remain unanswered regarding his event of being laid off because Buccaneer’s executives have consistently disputed this. Before being released, Brown received at least three three-game suspensions in December 2021. Because the suspension was unpaid, it was more severe.

Following a league inquiry that revealed he had broken Covid-19 protocols, the decision to suspend him was made.

Given the current accusations and indictments, Brown must find it extremely difficult to withstand the pressure. Numerous media organizations from all over the Tampa Bay Area have gathered outside his house as if that weren’t enough.

As they watch for any indication that Brown might turn himself in, many major news organizations are camped out in front of his house. Additionally, it is possible to spot covert cop cars driving through the posh South Tampa area.

People in neighboring homes are busy putting up Christmas decorations, but Brown is alone in his house. Even now, the television crew is attempting to interview other homes to learn more about Brown. They don’t seem to have wanted to participate, though, and they have no genuine need to do so.

The President Of Tampa Bay’s Statement Sheds Light On The Media Bias

Regarding domestic abuse, the sources also got in touch with Murphy, president, and CEO of The Spring of Tampa Bay. He put pressure on the media’s bias, which frequently restricts coverage to the most egregious instances of domestic abuse.

In domestic abuse cases, he claims that news attention only occurs when someone is killed or suffers serious injuries. Another example would be situations when prominent athletes or celebrities may have been involved. In practice, however, domestic violence is a significant problem that goes unreported because it occurs frequently.

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