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Axl Rose Won’t Throw His Microphone Into The Crowd For Public Safety



Axl Rose Won't Throw His Microphone Into The Crowd For Public Safety

The frontman Axl Rose of Gun N’ Roses, has decided to do away with his practice of throwing his microphone at the crowd.

It has happened that a woman filed a complaint against the superstar on account of the recent injuries she suffered due to this microphone launched at her at a concert in Australia. Famous news Agencies like ABC news have covered the incident.

As per the internal sources, Rebecca Howe had also received marks and bruises on her face. 

She was hit with the microphone. It has caused a lot of discomfort in her facial expressions, and this is something that needs to be corrected as soon as possible. It has not been for the first time that an incident like such took place.

It was also last year during his Washington concert that two young men were injured after they hit their heads with a microphone that Rose tossed. 

What Is The Outcome? 

This is the tradition that has been followed for 30 years. But after all these incidents, he finally decided to withdraw from this practice.

Axl Rose Won't Throw His Microphone Into The Crowd For Public Safety

It was recently that he posted on Twitter that he will no longer toss the microphone on the crowd so that accidents and injuries could be avoided. It is more of an irresponsible act that can affect people to a great extent.

He has decided to follow a new policy concerning his upcoming concert at Indio’s Empire Polo Field, which will be held on 15th December 2022. 

He does not want to set a bad example and also wants to think about public safety. Some fans have been complaining about this decision to discontinue the practice of throwing the microphone at the public.

But he has appealed to all of them to think about the larger public interest and does not want to promote any activity which even harms a single person in his crowd. Everybody matters to him, and he cannot discriminate against anyone.

His decision is final and will not be changed in any of his upcoming concerts. He has also advised his members of the band to prevent any kind of this behavior so that unnecessary controversies could be prevented over the period. 

Who Is Axl Rose: His fame?

He has been a famous personality. He has been successful in almost every venture that he has undertaken so far in the field of music. He has practiced virtually everything necessary to bring him to par with the Global singers. 

Over the years, he has developed a fan following, which will help him become more famous in the years to come. He has a fantastic personality and has sung many songs.

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These songs have occupied the top slot on the US Billboard, and this is considered to be the most significant achievement of his life.

He wants to focus on his and not on any unwanted traditions which harm his fans. That is why he has decided to decide because this is what is expected of him in the long run. 


It can be concluded that all the changes taken by celebrities are always in the public interest so that the popularity of these people does not reduce at any cost.

This is going to be helpful to introduce a lot of changes in the years to come and also increase the fan following. This is one of the best factors which must be taken into consideration Before any conclusion concerning the actions is drawn

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