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A Disastrous Pre-Sale: Taylor Swift Fans Sued Ticketmaster



A Disastrous Pre-Sale Taylor Swift Fans Sued Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is an American company selling tickets to a huge mass following. They organize many types of events, such as Christmas parties, new year parties, Halloween parties, etc.

A group is accusing Ticket Masters of fans of the famous singer Taylor swift as they are unable to buy tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

What Is The Issue?

They filed a case in the court for ‘Anti-Competitive Conduct’ against Ticketmaster because they were misusing the market power. It is basically on their parent company, LiveNation Inc. Moreover, people accused them of charging high prices due to the increased demand for famous singers’ show tickets.

The lawsuit added that Ticketmaster had already outlined that they were making profits on the amount charged for the tickets sold. Moreover, they put pressure on the customers to pay off for the higher prices, making a profit from the resale of those tickets through the secondary marketplace.

A Disastrous Pre-Sale Taylor Swift Fans Sued Ticketmaster

He pointed out that if the Ticketmaster company charges higher prices, they must specify the amount. This figure needs to be added in this case. The buyers are forcefully paying the maximum amount, a mere conspiracy for earning.

It is said that ticket masters have intentionally and purposely misled the Taylor Swift tickets by providing codes to nearly 1.4 billion verified fans. According to the accused, they had to hold around two million tickets for the pre-booked audiences. Furthermore, the authorities had about 3.5 million fans pre-registered for the concert tickets.

The suit further claimed,’ Why Ticketmaster’s were charging top prices for the tickets that were left resold through its second marketplace. After waiting for about 8 hours in a queue amidst millions of people and, as a result, needing help to purchase tickets, the reason is insufficient ticket releases.

Do you guys know how much more the company charges for the tickets? Not much more, but the company charged around $2500 per violation.

Furthermore, the incident could result in a violation for people who had purchased the ticket for the show. A lawyer representing the fan had filed a case in the American Tribunal Court regarding the violation of the Ticketmaster.

The media already asked the accused company to write a comment on what they wanted to say regarding the allegation made against them. The case grabbed the attention of some Senators, such as Mke Lee and Amy Klobuchar. They have been genuinely waiting for the hearing of corruption in the ticket industry. At the same time, The New York Times has found antitrust over the Liv Nations Inc.

Want To Know How Taylor Swift Reacted?

Taylor Swift commented that she was also furious as you guys were and were very thankful that 2.4 million people got tickets to the show after undergoing the hustle-bustle.

According to her Instagram Post, she is trying to figure out how this situation can be improved, but she will not make excuses.

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A Favorable Ending Note

To say accordingly, the ones who had to watch Taylor Swift’s live performance are lucky enough to get resold tickets amidst the endless queue and massive wait times, and systems that would not accept their information.

Unfortunately, those waiting for the general sale to happen are out of luck. If you want to watch a live show of a big star, you have to use fair means. But the immense craze for Swift among her fans became the business project for a Ticket selling company.

As a result, they used the opportunity unfairly, defrauding ordinary people. People also revolted against and sued the entity after realizing the actual matter. The singer is perplexed at present but hopes for the betterment of the situation in the coming days.

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