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Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Display Affection At Art Basel



Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Display Affection At Art Basel

The name Kylie Jenner is not alien to anyone, who is interested in the beauty segment. A media person and a celebrity in her own right, she has a beauty line to her credit as well.

The owner of Kylie Cosmetics is also quite famous on her social media handle, Instagram. Travis Scott, the American rapper is another name that is quite popular in the music industry.

The Latin Grammy and Billboard Music Award winner is one of the most sought-after stars in the music industry today. And, when two such famous people are in a relationship, sparks are bound to fly.

Couple Love On Miami Beach

The star couple was recently found getting cozy with one another at the Art Basel Party in Miami, where the rapper was performing. They happen to share two kids, a girl called Stormi and a baby boy.

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Display Affection At Art Basel

So, it was probably a party night out for the star couple. Wayne and Cynthia Boich organized the fun party on Miami Beach. And they looked good together, which is something needless to say.

The beauty giant company owner was wearing a black leather jacket, and a cut-out dress in the same color. Additionally, she was also sporting sunglasses and open-toed shoes.

Travis looked casual in black, red, and grey. He happened to perform at the event, with another rapper. Kylie Jenner’s sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian also joined the party at the beach.

Furthermore, the other stars who attended the party were Serena Williams, the ace player, and Hailey Beiber. The event follows on the heels of the baby boy reveal post on her social media handle. The baby boy, who is the second child, shared by Kylie and Travis has still not made a public appearance.

The Art Basel Party Decoded

With stories about their relationship abound, the couple just welcomed their second baby together in February 2022 and were all over each other at the event. Like any other couple, there was trouble in paradise some time back, with allegations of Travis cheating on Kylie.

Travis was quick to clear the air off the drama that unfolded. The Art Basel Event has been a hit, from the word ‘Go’, it seems. It has been reported to be a purely chaotic event.

All the celebrities who attended the party sported their wildest looks in a while. The party was on for three days at Miami Beach from December 1-3.

Art Basel is one of the places which is a must-visit for all stars. This year was no different. One can find numerous stars at the party, and this year was not very different.

The party takes place at the Miami Beach Convention Centre every year and is surely a star-studded bash. Moreover, the party begins with an invite-only crowd for VIPs. General admissions start after a while. This year happens to be the 20th anniversary of the International Art Fest. Moreover, it seems like a sure winner all the way.

It is one of the largest events to have taken place. There will be almost 283 galleries displaying artworks from 38 countries. The event was really big this time and featured many rides as well.

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A Beach Walk was also on for onlookers in 2022. The rapper and beauty Mogul got together after some time, after a lull. Travis was also spotted sipping some liquor from Kylie’s glasses. They happened to be quite into one another.

Such intimate moments are hard to spot, and the world just became privy to the same. This appearance together seems to make it clear to the public, that the couple is very much together. So, everyone is probably looking forward to the news of a possible reunion.

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