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SNL: Drake’s ‘Exes’ Unite In A Hilarious PSA Sketch



SNL Drake's 'Exes' Unite In A Hilarious PSA Sketch

In a fantastic sketch on Saturday Night Live, many ladies band together to protest Drake’s actions. The women who are the subjects of Toronto rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s hit songs demand money from him. Keke Palmer has presented the program. According to her, “United Tingz of Aubrey” is the woman’s official unionization name. The SNL skit where they protect their interests after learning to do so from the Toronto rapper is one of the funniest ever.

In hip-hop, we consider some facts to be noticeable. Drake raps a lot—a lot—about women. We have watched for far too long while Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham wrote hit after hit about women. Particularly those ladies who have harmed him to profit financially by doing so. Speaking on behalf of his old girlfriends, Chloe Fineman, an SNL cast member, told the sources about the funny farce still happening.

Drake Has A Solid Record Of Being A Lady’s Guy

Additionally, the show’s host Keke Palmer commented how Kiki almost made her irritable. She made fun of the fact that everyone was enquiring as to whether or not she was the same Kiki from the song and how this had caused her to get a disproportionate amount of popularity. While attempting to convince online users that she was Keke and not some other KIKI from Drake’s track, she recently ran out of air. Now that Drake’s smash song has grossed $6 million at the box office, she is fighting tooth and nail to get her share of that money.

Drake Has A Solid Record Of Being A Lady's Guy

If we start keeping track of Drake’s songs with female subjects, the number could rise significantly. We tried to count every single one of them to be accurate. The number of ladies who inspired Drake’s songs should be about 129.

There are several instances where Drake seems to be rapping about the same woman across various tracks. Although he doesn’t specify them by name, it isn’t easy to be specific because of how it appears.

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Given that, there may be fewer women overall than 129. It appears that all those women’s efforts have not been in vain because that is a remarkable score. Although it may seem absurd, their cause is essential since Drake owes them all. All of these women served as the inspiration for his songs, which helped Drake become a millionaire.

Courtney also showed up on the scene in a different incident. She happens to be yet another of Drake’s previous “love interests.” Drake claimed to have received a voicemail from Courtney, who was portrayed by Ego Nwodim, regarding a car payment. A portion of the rapper’s album was dedicated to this incident as an interlude.

Drake Is Surely Winning Against Accurate Life Allegations

It’s possible that Drake lost the conflict with “United Tingz of Aubrey.” Though it appears as a significant victory for the rapper, he later had his infringement of copyright case dismissed. Rapper Angelou Skywalker claimed that Drake had tried to borrow his song “Reach For Skies” in a version of his own, accusing him of violating copyrights.

Drake’s “Way 2 Sexy” didn’t have enough elements in common with rapper Angelou Skywalker’s song, Judge Kollar-Kotelly said in her official finding. A copyright violation was not warranted, therefore.

In addition, she said that Skywalker had not shown any evidence to support her claim that Drake had obtained his song through Skywalker. The court thus approved Drake’s request to dismiss Skywalker’s complaint.

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