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Shooter Of Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Receives 21-Year Prison Term



Shooter Of Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Receives 21-Year Prison Term

James Howard was the man who was responsible for shooting Lady Gaga’s dog Walker at the time when he was trying to steal away a dog. The California Court has recently awarded him a sentence of 21 years.

The culprit has pleaded for a contest petition. His affirmation was further corroborated by the testimony of Ryan, who had survived the attack. His life underwent a complete change after he got attacked. It was a kind of cold-blooded Act. 

Four other accomplices also accompanied the culprit. He tried to kill the two dogs named Koji and Gustav. It was initially thought that the criminals wanted to target the breeds of the dogs, and they did not know their owners.

It was later clarified that the whole ActAct was connected to the ownership of the dogs. Their attempt to shoot the dogs was reduced to nothing after Lady Gaga offered 5 lakh dollars to the person who found them the dogs. Kogi and Gustav were returned unharmed to Lady Gaga in 15 days. 

Other Persons

There was yet another person who was involved in the same offense. But the charges were limited to Robbery and dacoity and extended to attempts to murder and the position of ammunition.

Shooter Of Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Receives 21-Year Prison Term

Harold White has been the Prime suspect in the entire controversy, and it was only last year that he pleaded guilty. Since his involvement was only until planning, he was sentenced to the maximum period of 4 years. 

Not only this but also, Jayline, another suspect, agreed to the charges and was awarded imprisonment of 6 years. James has been the main culprit, and he did not plead guilty earlier. He has also been charged with producing false evidence in a court of law.

In such a situation, the long-term imprisonment of 21 years is completely justified considering the crime’s gravity and seriousness. The investigations have finally been put to a halt. 

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What Were The Facts In Question? 

James and Jackson made every possible attempt to escape The prison authorities, and many times, they were even successful. It is important to note that before any conclusion could be reached, these people were legally authorized to get out of the premises on parole.

It was, later on, discovered that not only the evidence based on which the parole was granted was forged, but also, at the same time, the duration of release was altered. It was a matter of a mathematical fault. Such a type of carelessness is never expected from the prison authorities. 

The case has always been a subject matter of controversy. The prosecution tried to cover as many loopholes as possible, and with nothing left to plead, the culprits finally decided to confirm their guilt so that the proceedings could be put to rest. It has always been a Landmark case in the history of The United States of America.

No legal relief is now available to James and Jackson. However, they have expressed hope to appeal against the decision, but it is uncertain if the same right has been accorded to them by the judgment. 


It is only in the light of all of these circumstances that the judgment has been delivered in the interest of equity, justice, and good conscience.

It is a lesson against the crime and all the people who were genuinely affected by the crime have been given the necessary compensation.

This compensation will be helpful in order to bring a better results over time. It is in complete discharge of all the liabilities that the judgment has finally brought the matter to a halt. 

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