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Did Kirstie Alley And John Travolta Really Date? Uncovering The Truth



Did Kirstie Alley And John Travolta Really Date Uncovering The Truth

Before her passing, Kirstie Alley declared that she loved John Travolta more than anything. On Monday, at 71, the attractive actress who was once a favorite of many people passed away. The news is made much more tragic because she was recently diagnosed with cancer and passed away as a result.

The disgraced actress is reportedly making headlines once more for her romantic relationship with John Travolta. Look Who’s Talking (1989) and two sequels in the early 1990s were recognized to include Alley and Travolta as co-stars. Since their friendship blossomed later in life, Alley has considered Travolta relatively close.

And in 2018, Alley made some necessary disclosures about her admiration for Travolta. Alley confessed that she believed she had kissed Travolta while she was a Celebrity Big Brother UK contestant. According to remarks from her interviews, she was so in love with Travolta that she nearly left with him and got married.

The Timeframe Of Their Romance Was All Wrong!

In the past, Alley and the actor co-starred in the Look Who’s Talking movies when their desire for one another began to grow. James and Mollie Ubriacco, played by Alley and Travolta, are the love interests in the films.

Did Kirstie Alley And John Travolta Really Date Uncovering The Truth

According to the movie’s narrative, their fortuitous encounter occurs when Mollie boards a taxi after giving birth. Mollie then intends to be the sole caregiver for her kid. She made this choice after learning that her biological father has no plans to stay. Therefore she is now traveling alone. Travolta, perhaps better known as “James,” enters the picture to reignite the romantic tension between Alley’s character and them.

Looking back, it’s clear that neither Travolta nor Alley followed through on their love urges for one another. Alley had just gotten married at the time. The man she was married to at the time was Parker Stevenson.

Travolta, on the other hand, was already married to the late Kelly Preston by the time Alley and her husband separated. If they had taken their romance seriously, they would have actually been a thing. However, due to their concurrent marriage, they were bound by the vows and only realized the romance on television.

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Both Shared Their Admiration For Each Other On Different Occasions

Our readers must have come to a conclusion by this point that they undoubtedly cheated on their partners in order to be with each other. Evidently, “No” is the response. They continued to develop a lifelong connection while maintaining a high moral standard.

Even though Alley has talked extensively about her romantic sentiments for Travolta, they never materialized into a partnership. All of Alley’s feelings for him had been suppressed throughout the years, and Travolta had done the same thing, even though he had shown his love and thanks to the fading star.

Following a recent cancer diagnosis, Travolta had admitted on social media that he had one of the most meaningful relationships of all time with Kirstie before the tragic news of her passing.

While still in good health, Alley had previously spoken about how difficult it had been for her to control her feelings for Travolta. She admitted on a talk program that it took her a long time to stop considering John as a potential romantic partner. She also referred to Travolta as her “biggest love.”

It wasn’t the first time Alley idealized her ’80s co-star, and it certainly wasn’t the last. When Alley was asked about her feelings for Travolta in a 2018 podcast interview, she made a funnier attempt to confess her thoughts. According to her, one of the hardest things she’d ever done was to avoid sleeping with Travolta.

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