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Nancy Meyers Dispels “The Holiday” Sequel Rumors, Saying They Are “Not True”



Nancy Meyers Dispels The Holiday Sequel Rumors, Saying They Are Not True

The news of a sequel to the movie ‘The Holiday’ delighted fans, but Nancy Meyers has put an end to those suspicions. The director posted on Instagram in response to the rumors “ So many DM’s talks about this -sorry but it’s not true”. 

The Sun reported that a sequel to The Holiday that the follow-up production of the film is in process, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, and Jude Law already signed the agreement and are prepared to start production next year.

The source said that shooting will start in early 2023 in the UK and in Europe. But the news is new to the original director of the film. Another tabloid, The Daily Mail, amplified the story by repeating The Sun’s report. This was read by Meyer and responded to it. 

According To Nancy Meyers, Rumours Of A Sequel To “The Holiday” Are “Not True”

The actors and crew of the Christmas romance film The Holiday are actually taking a permanent vacation from the series.

Nancy Meyers Dispels The Holiday Sequel Rumors, Saying They Are Not True

Despite recent speculations to the contrary, according to the writer and director Nancy Neyers and actors Cameron  Diaz and Kate Winslet, there won’t be a follow-up to the most romantic wife-swap ever broadcast.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science responded to Meyer’s Instagram post which denied the claims with three crying emojis as they had lost a future Oscar sweep that would never have happened. 

In a statement to People, Winslet provided more confirmation of the claim, saying, “I guarantee that, neither one agent nor representative nor anyone from the first one around has had any communication with me about that, that has never come up. I can tell you that”. 

Apart from the rumors, there is some good news for the supporters and fans of Meyer according to what we read on Deadline, Meyer is working on her first movie in seven years. She also signed to direct a comedy Netflix movie with Jamie Foxx instead of another wine-slinging Holiday romp.  

The holiday is a 2006 romantic comedy box office hit that was produced and directed by Nancy Meyers and co-produced by Bruce A Block. The film premiered in New York City on November 29, 2006, before it was theatrically released in the United Kingdom and the United States on December 8, 2006.

The film was distributed by Columbia Pictures in North America and by Universal pictures overseas. It earned an overall total of over $205 million worldwide against a budget of $85 million.

The plot of the movie deals with a comedy romance of two women troubled with guy-problem swap homes in each other’s countries, where they meet with a local guy and fall in love.  The Holiday is both extremely simple and intensely complicated.

The main characters of the movie were Amanda (Diaz) and Iris (Winslet) from opposite sides of Atlanta who swap homes during the Christmas season, both women wanted to get away with the men in their lives and fall in love with new men.

The movie is incredibly long for a Christmas rom-com, which is two hours and 18 minutes long. But the series of impeccable scenes engage the viewers and minutes fly by without knowing. Nancy Meyer knows what women need.

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In The Holiday, a lavishly overstuffed gift basket of a movie, Nancy Meyers doubles the formula to a generally pleasing effect. Gorgeous locations, more gorgeous actors, and a sentimental love story designed to make viewers hug themselves and possibly even each other is what all women want. 

The movie always was at the top of the watch list of many movie lovers. The fans of the director and her movie were very excited when they heard the news it was fake. The director considered the response of the fans but suggested not to believe everything which appears online.    

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