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Box Office Sales For Black Adam Rock Are Poor



Box Office Sales For Black Adam Rock Are Poor

Black Adam is a movie produced by DC comics with a $195-200 million budget. It was an utter disappointment at the box office because it grossed only $387 million in a worldwide collection.

The movie’s star cast includes Dwayne Johnson. Besides being a huge fan base and Black Adam being utterly unknown from the DC comic Universe, Johnson’s stardom becomes the only reason for dragging people’s attention.

After watching the movie, many critics give mixed reviews. The film is currently tied with DC’s other film, Shazam. Even the entry of Henry Cavill in the cameo does not bring any result.

Low Performance Of DC Extended Universe For Black Adam

During this bad phase of Covid-19, when movies of all types of genres are struggling to reach a Particular gross; here the film has reached a coinage worldwide.

Box Office Sales For Black Adam Rock Are Poor

This movie was supposed to be the only opportunity for Johnson as it was his first standout superhero film. Johnson, aka ‘Rock,’ was the favorite hunk of meat for hire for many years in the industry.

This Movie is Nothing dissimilar from their film “Man of Steel” and “Batman vs. Superman- Dawn of Justice” as per to be disdained. If to show disdain towards DC in a single word for this utter disappointment, it would be dingy as it is not up to their expectations. It is such a glum movie that it feels like it is about to flee.

Everything cannot be bubbly. However, the viewers can accept some humor in an otherwise somber situation, not something unfunny. Black Adam is a B-grade movie. It may sound harsh, but we expect a lot from DC.

The story explains Black Adam as a character inflicted with pain and agony. As per comics, Black Adam is seen as a supervillain. But in the recent storyline changes, he is deemed to be seen as an anti-hero.

The storyline is unremarkable as a man, Black Adam, whose life is a misery, was harming society. This movie is in no comparison with the marvel release ‘Black Panther- Wakanda Forever.

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It has crossed the total gross of Black Adam in just three days. The box office competition between the two superhero movies also could not help. Nothing could be done if the storyline is weak. The movie is being reviewed 39% by the rotten tomatoes, which is a disaster in the entire DC franchise.

Beneath all these controversies, Johnson, aka Rock, never fails to be a diplomat with his cool temperament. Apart from his debut in the comics, people are still waiting for a change in power. The latter has become a home-viewing experience.

The only reason for its not being up to the mark is for its launching in the pandemic phase when few people are going to watch movies.

‘Black Adam’ Brought Disappointment To Box Office

The director of the movie Jaume Collet-Serra has been determined to upset the balance of the VOD market. It was likely to gross around $5-$10 million in ticket sales in Japan. It is likely to result in $390-$400 million plus to be grossed worldwide.

Now only the cume of Japan should uplift the total numbers to be shaken. A $400 million hype is expected to land from the teaser and trailer despite the press media creating hype of the movie being a mass hit. It made most critics angry at the performance of Warner Bros. and DC studios.

In conclusion, I want to add that Black Adam is not as good as per expectations, but it was ok to watch only for Rock being in the movie.

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