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Together With Tallulah, Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Reunite For A Rare Photo



Together With Tallulah, Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Reunite For A Rare Photo

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis once were a power couple in the 90s. But in 2000, they decided to part ways. However, the fans are in for good news as the couple recently reunited on a special occasion.

The occasion was their daughter Rumer’s birth anniversary, as she turned 30 this year! Time passed so fast that Demi Moore, who still rocks being gorgeous, now has a kid who has grown so old!

Tallulah, their 28-year-old kid, shared a now-deleted video of the family’s get-together. The video on her Instagram Story hinted that Moore and Willis were present at the party as they sang “Happy Birthday” to Rumer.

It was a lovely family gathering, as evident from the video. Cheerings were going on, and Tallulah was all hyped up by her sisters. They all sang the “Happy Birthday” song to her as it could be heard in the background, singing.

But they had something bizarre wish to make about Rumer’s sobriety! Yikes! Nevertheless, the family jokes ran on as Rumer blew out the candles. And somewhere in between, we spotted Tallulah’s dad Bruce and mom Demi sitting on the opposite sides of the table, feeling happy for the warm family moment.

The Warmth Of The Family Gathering Radiates Out Of Screens!

Tallulah later went on to upload a series of photo booth-style pictures. The snaps featured her, Demi, and Willis huddled in a cute parent-kid photo. They didn’t shy away from striking funny poses as Tallulah stood with her mother in the photo.

Together With Tallulah, Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Reunite For A Rare Photo

On the other hand, Willis never broke the character of a loving father; as it appears, he gives a soft peck on the forehead in another snap.

The family wasn’t alone. The small gathering was attended by many of the family, friends, and relatives. Some of Rumer’s friends were also in attendance.

Moore looked gorgeous as she could be seen donning the matching flannels with Bruce. On the other hand, Willis was busy with the family pooch, Pilaf. In one of the photos, Willis engages playfully with the puppy, seeing eye-to-eye.

It had been a long time since Demi and Willis had separated. But they started co-parenting instead of going through tumultuous ordeals of custody sharing. Scout, one of the five kids of the couple, has admittedly said that Moore and Willis casually hang out at home a lot.

They have both been present to raise all five kids, which is instead a good factor about Moore and Willis as parents. On another show, Rumer, the eldest of all, praised how they managed the divorce and the parenting quite marvelously.

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She was happy to share how the divorce didn’t affect their lives, and unlike other cases, the kids never had to split the vacations and live separately.

The Split And The Life After

Demi was married to Bruce Willis for 12 whole years. And this marriage had made them devoted parents of three- Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah. Indeed, since the split, the couple, though not together, have had the most amicable relations that one could think of.

Bruce later got hitched to model Emma Hemming in 2009: 9 years after he separated from Moore. From this marriage, the tally of Willis’s kids rose to five as he welcomed Mabel Willis and Evelyn Willis into their lives.

During the birthday celebration, they took comedic jabs at each other, which showed how super healthy their bond had been.

At one point, Willis laughed at the childhood memories of the kids when they were little beanies! and on the next, Moore joked about how Willis had to work his way to get his job in his great movie “Pulp Fiction.” It was a fun-filled day while their kids learned their way into the world.

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