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Anne Heche Was Not Under The Influence When The Fatal Accident Occurred: Autopsy



Anne Heche Was Not Under The Influence When The Fatal Accident Occurred Autopsy

Anne Celeste Heche was an American actress known for different roles in various genres of film, television, etc. Anne was not high or drunk. However, she died of inhalation and thermal injuries. Moreover, the experts also noticed some fractures in her breastbone area of the chest. It happened by trauma as she was trapped in her Mini Cooper car.

Anne Heche’s Death News Came With Drug Twists

The veteran actor Anne Heche had met with an accident on August 5th. From then, she was in a coma since she was suffering from a brutal brain injury. She is not expected to survive in this critical condition. From the date of her being in a coma, she has been kept on life support.

Anne Heche Was Not Under The Influence When The Fatal Accident Occurred Autopsy

After a few days, on 11th August 2022, she passed away at the age of 53. The police suspected her of being impaired by drugs, and the crash happened under the natural influence, but the doctors pointed out them being wrong, as depicted in the autopsy.

Furthermore, the doctor in charge of the autopsy, Dr. Coroner, said that no sign of illicit drugs was found in her body. He also added that the death was supposed to be from the shock of the car crash. It tended to leave her in a coma.

She was in blunt trauma as her car caught fire while she was in, and there were supposed to be some inhalation problems. The autopsy stated that her sternum was fractured, which was the probable reason for the breathing problem. Due to the lack of oxygen, her body caught an ‘anoxic brain injury. ‘

According to the report, the upper extremities were burnt, including the right side of the neck and shoulder. 12% of her body suffered second-degree burns, and about 40% suffered first-degree burns. The accident had caused much damage to her body cells which caused her death.

Before Coroner, she was under another doctor. This expert took her urine sample for testing to check if there was any sign of drugs such as cocaine or fentanyl. However, she had been inserted with some proportion of fentanyl for healing after the crash in the hospital itself. Several tests on her body were run to find any illicit substance.

Later Dr. Coroner pronounced that there was nothing to be found. She was pronounced brain dead on the morning of 11th August at 6:38 AM. After 10 minutes, it was announced that her body organs were being donated to the forensic department for further investigations.

After the fire got caught, an emergency vigilante radioed that a person was stuck in the car’. The witness revealed that Heche was driving the car at 128 mph when her car collided with the house in Mar Vista, California. She was saved from the crash by her two sons, whom she shared with her two exes.

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Radio Recordings Revealed Horrifying Facts About Anne Heche’s Death

Radio recordings from the Los Angeles Fire Department were the reason for Heche being in the hospital for five days. According to the police reports, Heche was speeding down a neighborhood street.

Within a few minutes after the collision, the house her car bumped into the caught fire. Her chest bones were shattered in a collision with the steering wheels, which made her unable to inhale air.

According to the time stamps, it can be seen that it took around 45 minutes to determine if someone was in the car. When the paramedics arrived, the woman in the house was treated who was not the driver of the car.

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