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Chris Kattan Battles Severe Pneumonia And Needs Emergency Surgery



Chris Kattan Battles Severe Pneumonia And Needs Emergency Surgery

No doubt about it, Chris Kattan’s health is not ideal. Chris Kattan, a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, reportedly underwent emergency surgery. He was said to be fighting acute pneumonia, which caused this unexpected health catastrophe.

On Sunday, the 52-year-old comic became unwell and required emergency medical attention. Katan had recently been diagnosed with pneumonia before this. As his suffering was getting worse, Kattan went to get his diagnosis checked. When the doctors examined him, they found that he had severe lung congestion and a high level of inflammation.

Finally, it was concluded that he required immediate surgery. We currently know that the comedian is still being treated at the hospital. The physicians are still watching him while he heals from the successful procedure. He should be discharged from the hospital by this Friday if everything goes according to plan and he fully recovers.

Being admitted to the hospital while you have a busy schedule of critical tasks ahead of you is the worst possible scenario. Kattan experienced the same horror. The “Monkeybone” actor reportedly had a comedy tour going on at the time.

Then came the tragic events of his diagnosis, hospitalization, and surgery, which regrettably forced him to change his entire tour schedule. His concerts and shows were postponed while dealing with a health scare, which left him and his fans extremely disappointed.

Kattan, Off The Stage For A Few Weeks

As was previously announced, the comic show by Kattan is currently waiting for new dates. According to reports, Kattan was supposed to play at two gigs on Friday before the health problem.

Chris Kattan Battles Severe Pneumonia And Needs Emergency Surgery

The Market Lounge & Comedy Club in Valparaiso, Indiana, was where this was supposed to happen. The comedy club immediately made an effort to inform the audience of the situation when he became ill and needed surgery on Wednesday.

They made a statement announcing the cancellation of the shows. Along with it, they distributed a statement from Kattan’s lawyer.

Following the official announcement, he is doing well but won’t be able to perform for a few weeks. Additionally, Chris promised he would soon join the fans to amuse them. From 1996 through 2003, Kattan is credited with having worked on “SNL.”

During its third season, he was a renowned cast member of “Celebrity Big Brother”; however, he didn’t stick around for very long. He left because he had difficulty feeling like he was still linked to the outer world.

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Kattan And His Bizarre Stories

Kattan seems to be fairly accustomed to being featured in tabloid headlines. In addition to the hospitalization news that is currently being reported, he also caught the attention of tabloids last summer. But for the incorrect causes.

According to reports, he was removed from an American Airlines flight. He was not wearing a face mask properly, which was given as the justification for such strict precautionary measures. In addition to COVID-19 being at its height, Kattan reportedly flew without a mask. In July 2021, from Dallas, he was traveling to Los Angeles. He wasn’t wearing a mask, and people on the plane observed that mucus was coming out of his nose.

They eventually reported him to the airline employees, who were required to take disciplinary action because it was pretty filthy and difficult to ignore.

In one of the interviews, Kattan—who is also well-known for taking opioids—honestly discussed his battle with addiction. The SNL star described the severe consequences of his addiction in one of his sketches.

He claims that as a result of that, all of his arm muscles atrophied. Additionally, he had many procedures to repair his nerve endings, which had been severely injured. We hope that Kattan heals from his latest operation and returns to entertaining us soon!

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