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Trevor Nova’s Departure: A Huge Shock To Fans



Trevor Nova's Departure A Huge Shock To Fans

Trevor Noah succeeded Jon Stewart as host of “The Daily Show.” And everyone loved it because Trevor was the best host anyone could have hoped for. He successfully maintained the jolly liveliness of the series.

The love and support Noah received during his time on the show are now credited with enhancing his journey into the entertainment industry. However, the time has come for Noah to leave the show.

People eagerly await his final broadcast, which will air on December 8. After watching him, it is not so hard to discern that Noah is a bucket full of promise.

In other words, in “The Daily Show,” Noah was the major X-factor in the show, and his departure is going to be challenging for the showrunners to find someone with similar potential.

Many television experts believe that Noah’s entry into the show also covered up for the decreasing popularity of Comedy Central. It was once a once-sterling TV brand, and without Noah, it will somehow re-invent its strategy to gain its popularity back.

What Happens To The Show After His Departure? 

Now that Noah is supposedly not going to be on show, the biggest question lurks in the spectators’ minds. Who is going to be the next Noah? He was the main element that made “The Tonight Show” great.

Trevor Nova's Departure: A Huge Shock To Fans

According to various sources, some suggestions were made about the possible new host to lead the show’s hosting. If we got it right, the names included Amy Poehler and Chris Rock. Both artists cum actors are great and have appeared in various comedic stints. The comedy element on their part makes people gasp for air.

Amy Poehler is a comedic buffoon we can trust to cheer us up during stressful times. And speaking of Chris Rock, no offense, but that man doesn’t even have to try to make us laugh! But it was just speculation, and nothing was confirmed about them hosting the show. They turned it down. So we won’t be seeing either of them as the host.

It was almost a surprise for Trevor Noah to be leaving the show. What is even more shocking is the timing of the announcement. The show is slated to celebrate its 7th anniversary since its first episode aired in 2016.

The show’s makers have completely sided with Noah’s decision to depart. At the same time, they also remarked upon Noah’s comedic element and his stance as a performer. They felt his presence made the show’s favorite late-night show among the watchers.

However, it concerns the departure of various other artists from the show. The firing of Samantha Bee marked the first departure from the genre. Then, Desus and Mero also decided to quit the show after inevitable disagreements.

And recent rumors say that the news of the exit of James Corden also lurks around the corner. So, now Noah’s goodbye will send the show into grey waters. The entertainment biz world giants are holding their breath to check what holds for the show’s future.

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Noah Trevor: Making The Best Out Of The Show!

If we follow the timeline, Noah joined The Daily Show in 2015. The 31-year-old Trevor at the time was indeed a rising star. Before his role was cemented on the show, he was already a known face to many viewers.

 Noah Trevor recently shared about how he was a child born out of a rebellion. And this is the reason why most of his comedic stints include a subtle theme of politics and governments. This is what made Noah unique, to get the show going.

Slowly his relentless creativity trickled down to make something spectacular out of the show. It feels right to claim that Noah and his team reshaped the program. Because of Noah, the show got to teach more diverse and global outreach.

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