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Wonder Woman 3 Rejection Stories: What Is James Gunn’s Response?



Wonder Woman's 3 Rejection Stories What Is James Gunn's Response

James Gunn has recently taken to Twitter to respond to The Wonder Woman 3 rejection stories. He has recently been installed as the head of Warner Bros. This studio is expected to be rebranded as DC Studios.

The studio is planning the upcoming plot and story for The Wonder Woman 3. It had even invited different types of plans and stories from the creative directors but rejected each one because it did not match the plans for the upcoming franchise. 

No specific response has been provided concerning the rejection. Still, it has been clarified that they want to develop something fruitful, and by this method, nothing could be obtained. Wonder Woman 3 is the biggest project of the decade and cannot be handled so easily.

They indeed want to develop something great, but the kind of comments and the content available on social media does not completely depict the truth. James Gunn is also at odds with the director Patty Jenkins. That is the reason why the schedule of this movie has been postponed once again, and it is uncertain when it will resume. 

What Is The Reasoning? 

Different types of questions are cropping up concerning the DC studios. Most of these questions revolve around the storyline of the upcoming projects that the studio would be undertaking.

Wonder Woman's 3 Rejection Stories What Is James Gunn's Response

Something transitional has to be obtained, and it is only with the help of this transition that better characters can be put in place to convey something much more relevant and innovative. 

The directors have confirmed that not all people can be satisfied by the decisions, but they will try their best to achieve what is adequate for them. James and Safran need more time to go ahead with the planning of the project so that the Most iconic characters are created. It is essential for the continuity of the Legacy of the studio.

Many discussions have taken place, and not all have borne fruit. This will be a cohesive story involving the elements of television and animation. There were even rumors that the franchise was not working ahead in the direction of success. But every possible attempt is being made to make a difference. 

What Did The People Say? 

Most people even felt that Wonder Woman 3 is now being scrapped and no such movie will be released in the times to come. But a change must be introduced as soon as possible and will be part of the upcoming planning.

Makers have got something big this time for the audience, which cannot be revealed at this stage because the discussions are still underway. 

All the plot and the characters, including the theme, would be undergoing a much-needed change so that the element of production and probability is completely done away with.

This is one of the most important ways with the help of which The public’s curiosity can be kept intact. It will take time for the entire situation to get settled, and until then, it is expected from the audience not indulge in any controversy. 

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This is one of the most important elements that must be considered. The task of a creative director is not at all easy, and it takes time. This objective can be achieved only with the help of collective efforts.

This decision will definitely attract the audience and it will leave an impression on them in the best way possible. This is one of the most important elements necessary. 

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