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2022 CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute: Most Awaited Moment Of The Year



2022 CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute Most Awaited Moment Of The Year

The most awaited moment of declaring the 2022 CNN Hero of the year comes to an end. American broadcast journalist Anderson Hays Cooper and the renowned American actress Kelly Ripa co-hosted the 16th annual celebration for honoring all CNN heroes who make the world a better place. The smallest act of kindness can bring out a great change in the world. The stars who are selected for this event are deserving persons in their own fields. 

 The Annual CNN Heroes All-star tribute was held at the American Museum of Natural History on Sunday. This year, the awards received the top 10 CNN Heroes and they received a $10,000 prize for each. The selection procedure was done by CNN’s audience and they nominated the most deserving persons who have been making remarkable acts in their works.

Most Anticipated Moment Of The Year Comes To An End

Based on these nominations, the audience can decide who is the best for the 2022 CNN Hero of the Year. The supporters voted for the most inspiring persons through By logging in via Facebook or email. The audience had the chance of 10 votes a day. The 10 votes can be divided into their favorite stars or can be used for one person according to their interest.

2022 CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute Most Awaited Moment Of The Year

In order to provide the necessary support, CNN Heroes is collaborating with a well-known organization named Elevate Prize Foundation. The mission of this organization is to boost the work of leaders who are working for social upliftment. Thereby people can find and take inspiration from social leaders to initiate new ventures. The CNN Hero will be named an Elevate Prize Winner.

The 2022 Top 10 CNN Heroes And Their Foundations:

  •  Carie Broecker- ( Peace of Mind Dog Rescue)
  • Richard Casper- (Creativets)
  • Nelly Cheboi- (Techlit Africa)
  • Nora El-Khouri Spencer-( Hope Renovations)
  • Tyrique Glasgow- (Young Chances Foundation)
  • Teresa Gray- (Mobile Medics International)
  • Meymuna Hussein-Cattan- (The Tiyya Foundation)
  • Aidan Reilly- (The Farmlink Project)
  • Debra Vines- (The Answer Inc.)
  • Bobby Wilson-( Metro Atlanta Urban Farm)

The most distinguishing factor about this honor is that it is safe in the hands of the most deserving person. The title,’ 2022 CNN Hero of the Year’ is owned by Nelly Cheboi from Kenya. She quit her software engineer job in Chicago and started her new mission to create computer labs for schoolchildren in Kenya. 

Techlit Africa is a non-profit organization that helps to raise the bright future of students in Kenya by donating computer labs to schoolchildren. Cheboi will get $100,000 to support and expand her work.

In addition, the top 10 CNN Heroes will get organizational training and financial support from The Elevate Prize Foundation. Nelly Cheboi will get a $300,000 grant and additional support of $200,000 for her non-profit organization.

When examining the motivation behind this foundation, clearly reveals the history of Nelly Cheboi. Her childhood experience and the struggles of a single parent to bring her children upward made history.

She accepted this honor with her mother. She didn’t forget to acknowledge the power of a woman to build her career and the success behind her organization.

Cheboi said that she was living in poverty with little hope. She was working hard for the daily bread. She grew up amidst the struggles of her community. These experiences made her start something beneficial for the development of her community.

She had a clear idea about the power of education. Because education molded her to make better decisions in her life. She also added that, when you have an education, the world is your best platform to perform your ideas.

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The function was highlighted by the presence of a dozen celebrity presenters. Actress and singer Sofia Carson said that she is deeply honored to be a part of this event and she shared the experience of performing a song with Diane Warren at the event.

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