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Going Viral: A Mom’s Technique For Handling Her Toddler’s Tantrum



Going Viral A Mom's Technique For Handling Her Toddler's Tantrum

Social media has become one of the most common platforms for getting the best and the most creative ideas. Recently, a video clip has become viral in which a mother is attempting to diffuse her toddler’s tantrum. This is the perfect trick that any mother can follow if her baby is testing her patients. 

A Georgian mother tried to perform zoomies. This will make your child much more calm and quiet, but at the same time, your kid will never cry for a week at least.

This video is trending on social media platforms, and many young parents are watching it repeatedly because of its utility in actual life. It is a unique approach to handling babies in a much better way.

This video has been observed more than 15 million times in 2 days. The importance of the video is itself evident. 

What Are Zoomies? 

Before proceeding ahead, it is essential to understand the nature of zoomies. It is a frantic random activity, period. It is an activity that dogs perform.

Going Viral: A Mom's Technique For Handling Her Toddler's Tantrum

When the dogs suddenly start running and Undertake a race with each other to burn off excess energy, they can be described as being in a state of zoomies. 

What Is There In The Video? 

In the video, Cromartie can be seen with her 18-month-old daughter. Icey’s daughter was crying and upset in the video. When her mother made every possible attempt to calm her down, she finally decided to do something she had never done before.

She ran around in circles just like a dog, and this act of hers was referred to as zoomies. It was only in a fraction of a second that the little girl’s mood was lifted, and she started laughing immediately.

Toward the end of the video, they share a warm hug. The video is funny and emotional at the same time, and many people like this again and again. 

This technique works every time. It is a one-stop solution to handle cranky people. It is beneficial not only for making the toddlers laugh when they are upset but also for making them eat the food when they do not want to eat anything.

Cromartie has also confirmed in the video that she can practice this technique at any place even if it is a grocery store without any embarrassment. She can do anything for her daughter and expect others to also undertake such a kind of exercise. This video has become famous on Twitter and Tiktok.

What Do The People Say About This? 

Many people like this method because it is not only helpful but, at the same point of time, accessible to practice. It does not require any additional props. It also has other benefits for parents who can Undertake cardiovascular exercise in this process.

It is a standard method, and many people have already started practicing it. After witnessing this act of their parents, most toddlers calm down and stop crying. This is all the parents need in the lack of time to handle the tantrums of Young toddlers. 

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It can be concluded that this is the easiest method which has now achieved a huge amount of popularity. The internet is flooded with this type of video. This clearly shows that this method has been accepted and is being promoted by a lot of people. The toddlers are extremely happy after watching out for this event. 

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