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Ronnie Turner Died At 62: “You Left The World Far Too Early” Tina Turner Mourns



Ronnie Turner Died At 62 You Left The World Far Too Early Tina Turner Mourns

Tina Turner’s son Ronnie Turner died on Friday. The cause of his death is unclear. He had been facing several health issues including cancer. There is still doubt regarding the cause of the death.  Tina Turner shared the tragic loss of her family with the world. 

TMZ was the first to report the death of actor Ronnie Turner. The police said that they received an anonymous call from an individual who reported the poor health condition of Ronnie Turner. He was struggling to breathe outside their home. Tina posted a message about the death of her younger son, stating that her son left the world too early and she lives with the memories of Ronnie.

About Ronnie Turner

Ronnie Turner is the most influential actor in America. Apart from that, he is the younger son of ‘Queen of Rock N Roll’, Tina Turner, and Ike Turner. People started to notice his acting in the 90s movie,’ What’s love got to do with it? ’ The movie tells the life story of his mother. He wanted to become a well-known professional actor. Unfortunately, Death was against his dreams. He was 62 when he died.

Ronnie Turner Died At 62: "You Left The World Far Too Early" Tina Turner Mourns

According to Billboard, apart from acting, he was also active in his parent’s band. He led a band of his own. Ronnie Turner was the second son of Tina Turner and her Ex-husband, Ike Turner.  Her oldest son Craig, who was committed suicide with musician Raymond Hill. He was found dead by shooting himself in his Studio City home. The tragedy happened in 2018. Tina and her family have suffered another shocking news after the death of her eldest son.

The singer, Tina Turner shared her grief through a heartfelt message in an Instagram post. Along with that his wife Afida Turner also expressed her beloved’s loss on social media by posting loads of photos with him. She captioned the post that her husband is a true angel and best friend of hers.

Their family did their best part to save him. But they failed this time. She is highly disappointed that she is not able to save him. She mentioned how much she missed him. They lived for 17 years together.

His loss is unbearable to his family. Afida Turner and Ronnie have lived apart for a few years. But they didn’t think about a legal move to separate themselves. She remembers the best memories they had. She concludes the note by saying let her beloved rest in paradise. 

Ronnie Turner was the youngest of four children that Tina Turner had. He was born into a musical family. He had the advantage of being a member of a well-known family in America. He was born on October 27, 1960.

He was obsessed with playing bass. This interest led him to collaborate with songwriter and musician Patrick Moten. He married singer and songwriter, Afida Turner in 2007.

The relationship between Afida Turner and Ronnie was the most trending topic on online media. Afida referred to her beloved, Ronnie as God and her best friend. She added that she is mad and feels very bad about his loss. The family has been passing through the tragic loss of their favorites.

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Tina’s eldest son, Craig died in 2017, her ex-husband died in  2007, and Ronnie’s aunt, Aline passed away in 2010. Following these tragic losses, Ronnie Turner’s death was beyond all these incidents.

The singer Tina didn’t respond to the media regarding the loss of her son. She only posted a tribute to her late son. She uploaded a photo with the caption. That was a black and white photo of Tina with her eyes closed.

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