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Cameron Diaz Called Mariah Carey’s Music ‘Torture’



Cameron Diaz Called Mariah Carey's Music 'Torture'

Since she became well-known in the 1990s, Mariah Carey has accumulated a large following. But Cameron Diaz’s experience is different because she wasn’t always an admirer of Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey’s record shows that her songs have consistently topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Carey has remained in the top rank each year with little to no work! Cameron Diaz has changed her mind about Mariah Carey’s songs, even though she hasn’t shown any signs of doing so.

How did we come to know? The Touch, My Body singer was recently pictured with Cameron as they posed. She later shared some pictures of it on Instagram, where she could be seen waiting with her sister-in-law and best friend in real life, Nicole Richie.

Today’s Instagrams convey much about what is happening in everyone’s life. Therefore, the same social media platform has announced that Cameron is nearby and has been all happy for a photo. Given the rocky history of the two, it is quite a shock.

The image in question is one shared by Lionel Richie’s daughter. A crowd has gathered around the Star in the undated snapshot of a sizable gathering, which also features Cameron and Jennifer Meyers. Cameron is visible in the background.

She was wearing a flashy costume and positioned next to the longtime diva. Mariah became well-known for her heavenly “whistle note,” which has become the characteristic sound of most songs. According to the headlines, Mariah is now getting ready for her concert with the singer of Stuck on You.

The History Of Confrontation Between Carey And Diaz

Almost ten years ago, Mariah and Cameron had a small argument over the actors’ language choices in her songs. In a recent interview, the “Charlie’s Angels” actress said something derogatory about Carey. Due to their involvement in a minor altercation, Diaz and Carey generated a lot of headlines.

Cameron Diaz Called Mariah Carey's Music 'Torture'

When speaking about Carey’s music in 1998, Cameron used the word “torture” in her remarks, which were taped. According to Cameron, it would only take tying her up and forcing her to listen to Mariah’s songs for someone to want to torture her.

Carey made her debut as a compilation artist in the same year. In addition, it was eagerly anticipated because it was released nearly ten years after her debut. Because the record was a top seller on the Billboard charts, Diaz’s harsh statement regarding the singer’s music was all the more startling. In their different artistic fields, both women succeeded.

The remark, though, caused Mariah Carey to become scarlet. Mariah did not take it well. So when she saw Cameron in New York, she decided to confront her. This immediately generated headlines since Carey spoke to various media outlets about the much-discussed confrontation.

The Patch-Up And Getting Back To Normalcy

Mariah made sure that she wasn’t treated as the little girl next door by those who continued to criticize her. Additionally, if she ever discovers such nonsense spread, she isn’t scared to confront and stir things up!

Later, Cameron clarified the situation, claiming that the media had distorted the context and exaggerated the significance of her remarks to create the appearance of controversy. In 2022, problems between Diaz and Carey were resolved. Because they were to be ladies of culture and class, it was preferable to make amends.

Carey was upset at the time, but unlike what was widely anticipated, she refrained from violently attacking Diaz. Carey acknowledges that the altercation was loud enough to generate national headlines. Looking the current, Diaz was seen posing with Carey in an Instagram post in July 2017, indicating that their relationship has calmed down.

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