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Cher’s 96-Year-Old Mother Passed Away Fighting Pneumonia



Cher's 96-Year-Old Mother Passed Away Fighting Pneumonia

Cher’s mother Georgia Holt died at 96 after battling pneumonia. She was an American singer and actress who appeared in many well-known US TV shows.  Cher revealed her mum’s death by writing “Mom is Gone” in a Twitter post on Saturday. Cher informed the fans that Hold’s health was getting off and on several months before the death.

On Saturday she officially declared the news of death  But no other details like the exact cause, date, or time have been made public.  In September Cher shared that Holt was admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia and commented: that “the home is the best medicine for her.” 

Cher’s Response To The Followers

Cher responded to the followers about the health condition of her mother through social media posts since Holt was suffering from health issues. After sharing about the death many co starts stated their condolences to the family. The former US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton also expressed empathy to Cher and wrote “ so sorry for your loss, my friend”

Cher's 96-Year-Old Mother Passed Away Fighting Pneumonia

Cher said that she had been very careful in her healthcare to keep her aged mom away from any potential illness during the time of the pandemic. The family which includes her sister, brother-in-law, assistant, and mom took precautions such as wearing a mask and maintaining distance from each other to avoid exposure to the virus. She added that “ I have to be careful too because I have asthma…I have different health problems”. 

Cher conveyed her tribute to her friend Tina Turner whose son Ronnie died after battling cancer by tweeting “ My heart is breaking for My Beloved Friend, sister Tina, Rest in Ronnie”

Georgia Holt was born on June 9, 1926, in Kensett, Arkansas, USA to her mother Lynda Inez Gulley, and father Roy Malloy crouch. Her father taught her to play guitar and to sing songs. 

Holt started her singing career in her sixth year while singing on an Oklahoma City radio station. And by the age of 10, she sang with band leader Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. In 1950, she explored her talent in many music and beauty competitions and played minor television, and began her acting in film in her 20s.

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The famous shows in which she marked her presence include I Love  Lucy (1951), The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1952) and Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre (1955), and films  A Life of Her Own (1950), Grounds for Marriage (19510, Father’s Little Dividend (1951) and Artist and Model (1955).

She released her debut album “Honkey Tonk Woman,” which she recorded in the 1980s, later in 2013 the album was presented again with her daughter titling “I’m Just Your Yesterday.”

In 2013 Cher produced a documentary titled Dear Mom, Love Cher which expressed her close relationship with their mother. Cher always made a strong relationship with her mother and said that their mother taught her the relevance of life with the experiences that she gained from her career and personal life. 

She expressed her love towards her mom saying that “ My mom is exactly like rocky. She never gives up!”. Holt encouraged Cher to build her career in show business and guided her with proper information that could help her in creating an effective career as a star.

Throughout her personal life, she was married and divorced six times. Her first husband was Armenian-American John Sarkisian whom she divorced and remarried 19 years later as her fifth husband and divorced again and had a daughter, Cher.

Later she married actor John Southall and had another child, actress Georganne LaPierre.  Holt married Gilbert Hartmann LaPierre who legally adopted Cher and Georganne. From 1976 until her death, Holt maintained a relationship with Craig Spencer.

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