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Justin Theroux And Selena Gomez Are Spotted Together: Are Rumors True?



Justin Theroux And Selena Gomez Are Spotted Together Are Rumors True

Some surprise events happened at the 2022 CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute Event. The hugging picture of American singer and actress Selena Gomez and the well-known American filmmaker Justin Theroux is getting viral on social media.

A couple of years ago, There was gossip about Justin Theroux dating Selena Gomez after divorced his wife Jennifer Aniston.

But the artists, Gomez and Theroux gave a clear clarification of their relationship in the show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show hosted by Jennifer Aniston. Justin said that they are close friends and there is no other relationship than friendship between them. 

The rumor is again foreshadowing this recent photo that was captured from the American Museum of Natural History on Sunday. But their fans are declaring the depth of the relationship and they commented that the true friends were sharing their true love through a hug.

There were dozens of celebrities invited to ensure their presence at the 2022 CNN Heroes All-Star tribute event. The photo of Gomez and Theroux made their unique way into the world of media.

How True Is It That Rumor?

Justin came to the event with his dog Kuma. The dog has made its presence in the photo. Kuma is looking at them and enjoying the love shared by two friends. The dog is also highlighted in this viral picture.

Justin Theroux And Selena Gomez Are Spotted Together

The media spotted this shared love four years after the rumor between Selen Gomez and Justin Theroux. The rumor was broken following the actor’s divorce from his wife Jennifer Aniston in 2018. The entertainment site Life & Style reported that the relationship between Selen Gomez and Justin Theroux has turned into something more than friends.

Following this, his wife Aniston revealed that she is not happy with their relationship. The source explained, Selena had a breakup with her ex Justin Bieber at the time of Aniston and Theroux’s divorce.

So they emotionally support each other after going through these breakups. They had known each other through their manager. But their meetups got stronger after the breakups. The media highlighted they are getting closer and both of them started dating.

They are reunited after a long break and New York City witnessed their reunion. Both of them enjoyed their reunion and had a conversation at the event. Selena Gomez was gorgeous in her outlook. She looks incredible in the black leather blazer and silver hoops.

She made her presence with her black tresses in a chic updo. Apart from that her flawless makeup and classy french tip nails caught the public’s attention. 

Theroux was sitting at a table with his black pull, Kuma. He welcomed Gomez with a sweet hug and both of them had a conversation during the annual ceremony. Gomez passionately pampered Theroux’s favorite dog. He adopted this female dog from Austin pets. The dog survived the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2018. The word ’ Kuma’ means bear in Japanese. The actor looked stunning in his gray suit and rocked his usual trimmed beard.

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Theroux and his dog were highlighted on the stage for presenting the CNN Heroes trophy to Carie Broecker. Broecker is the co-founder of ‘Peace of mind Dog Rescue. He is rewarded for the notable work of caring for and serving senior people and senior dogs.

The event CNN Heroes annually conducts a program that aims to encourage the people who are working for the upliftment of the people and thereby making the society better.  The program was co-hosted by well-known artists, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Kelly Ripa. The event was celebrated as the 16th annual ‘CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.

The meetup of two well-known figures at the CNN Heroes gala in New York city portrays their bond with each other.

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