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TikTok Claimed Selena Gomez Was “Always Skinny” When She Dated Justin Bieber: What Is Her Response?



TikTok Claimed Selena Gomez Was Always Skinny When She Dated Justin Bieber What Is Her Response

Selena and Justin’s relationship has been over for a while. Since Justin and Hailey have been married since 2022, Selena has also made significant progress. People, though, are still not over “JELENA.” Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Selena’s constant thinness while dating Justin Bieber.

It is awful that a woman like Selena Gomez has to be the subject of yet another body language exchange. On TikTok, a Selena-related video recently became viral. Showing images of Selena while she was dating Justin Bieber was the primary goal of that TikTok.

There was another screenshot included with the pictures. A comment Selena made in the past concerning Justin’s preference for models appeared to be shown in the screenshot.

More than a quarter million people liked the Tiktok post. A statement from Selena herself did exist, though. Selena left a sad emoji face in the comments section in response to the video. There was disagreement among the comments.

The 30-year-monochromatic old’s emoji response was attempted to be understood by all. She might be missing her boyfriend, some hypothesized. Some people believed that it supported the assertion made by TikTok. However, the majority interpreted it as her expressing dissatisfaction with the post’s topic.

She was reportedly the subject of repeated internet weight analyses. Selena has changed considerably physically, it’s true. She received a kidney transplant, and she persevered bravely. People still view her through the lenses of her physical attractiveness even though she has matured into a beautiful human with a growing personal empire.

Selena’s Dating History With Beiber

As we’ve already mentioned, Selena and Justin had a romantic relationship. Everyone was aware of their relationship because it was public knowledge. From 2010 through 2018, they had a broken relationship.

TikTok Claimed Selena Gomez Was Always Skinny When She Dated Justin Bieber

As a result of their eventual breakup, many people’s hearts were broken, especially those of their admirers who had been shipping them. In her most recent documentary, she talked about their public breakup. Selena claims that the entire Justin episode from beginning to end was the most incredible thing ever happening to her.

2015 saw the diagnosis of lupus for Selena as well. Two years later, she needed a kidney transplant for the same reason. Selena has spoken about her health problems and how they have affected her life. She acknowledges that her weight has changed as a result of the medications.

Furthermore, the public’s criticism of her has been based on her weight increase. The actress from The Only Murders In The Building explained in a note that the effects of the medications she has been taking had fluctuated.

It is still unfair, though, that she is being attacked because of her weight increase. After all, she is far more than just a body of flesh and bones. Selena Gomez is a woman who will always be stunning.

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Giving The Haters What They Deserve!

Earlier this year, Selena made the ideal response to her detractors. According to reports, she used social media to call out haters complaining about her body. She appeared to be making fun of her followers with her post about chowing down on tacos, egg rolls, onion rings, and a spicy chicken sandwich.

She doesn’t care what others think, according to the Wizards of Waverly Place actress and Rare Beauty mogul, who revealed this afterward. They’ll always strive to squeeze her inside the confines of their limited perceptions. She continues to show her admirers kindness and love while maintaining her attractiveness.

With a video on her own TikTok Stories, Selena also stunningly dissed body shammers. She mouthed the lyrics to the Tyga song “Rack City” playing in the background. The focus of numerous tabloids has been on Selena, just like it is with every other celebrity. She has, nevertheless, continued to provide her songs to rejoice about while maintaining her dignity as she gets older.

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