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Dua Lipa Moves On After Trevor Noah: Currently Dating Jack Harlow



Dua Lipa Moves On After Trevor Noah Currently Dating Jack Harlow

The 27-year-old, famous pop star Dua Lipa has started dating Jack Harlow. According to the sources, they have been in constant communication with each other. They were recently spotted at a brunch at Los Angels in November.

They have also indulged in a public display of affection over the period. The love and the feelings blossoming between them can be easily witnessed. Jack is reportedly a great fan of Dua. It is also evident from the latest release of Jack that is devoted to dua lipa. This song belongs to his latest album, Come Home the Kids Miss You. 

This song will be released on 14th December 2022. Jack can also be seen along with Dua at all her latest concerts and accompanies her on her vacations. It has also been reported that both have signed an album together. Negotiations with the biggest and the largest music company are also underway. Both of them are extremely comfortable with each other. Their recent captures by the media depict the same and affirm their relationship. 

Previous Relationship

Dua has reportedly been in a relationship with Trevor two months back. It was in October that both of them parted ways with each other. Trevor is a famous host of the daily show and has been in a relationship with dua for approximately 2 years.

But the relationship was not turning in the way it was expected to. A feeling of desertedness and selfishness was becoming a part of the same, and that is why both of them decided to leave Each Other before they turned acrimonious. 

Dua Lipa Moves On After Trevor Noah Currently Dating Jack Harlow

They continue to talk to each other just like friends so that all the hard feelings can be avoided. But both of them have moved on in their lives and are happy with their respective new partners.

Their lives are going professionally and personally in a better direction than they were some time ago. It was only with the help of support and love from the family that they were able to overcome each other and proceed ahead with the new beginnings. It is a tough situation in life, but it can be tackled with care and comfort. 

The New Details

Dua and Jack have not confirmed their relationship in public. But most of their co-stars and colleagues have confirmed that they are dating each other.

The level of closeness between both of them is increasing day by day, and the media does not even leave a single opportunity to capture these movements between them. This latest development is actually very exciting. 

Most of the fans are waiting for any kind of confirmation. The upcoming collaborations in terms of work depict their interest in working together with each other. They have been spotted at many public events and public places together.

They walk down the lane by holding hands. This shows the love that is developing between them. They have also made an appearance on the red carpet.

The level of understanding has also increased with time. They focus on their career and spend time with each other whenever they get an opportunity to do the same. It is definitely a perfect beginning to a relationship. 

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All the additional details related to the relationship can only be available with the passage of time. All the fans are desperately waiting for this Revelation to take place as soon as possible.

Many photographs can also be seen on their social media accounts respectively. This is the biggest proof and indication of the fact that they love spending time with each other. 

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