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‘Together Again’: Janet Jackson Announces 2023 Tour Dates



‘Together Again’ Janet Jackson Announces 2023 Tour Dates

Janet Jackson is all set to return to her musical tours. She is collaborating with the popular band, Together again. The shows have been scheduled in around 33 cities, and the theaters have been booked in this respect. The shooting for the same is said to begin in the year 2023, and it will be covering Different cities in North America. 

In a recent interview with a news channel, Janet expressed her excitement for the upcoming ventures that she would be undertaking.

The together again band has also shown willingness with the same respect. The show will kick start on 14th April in the year 2023. The first of them would be organized in Hollywood in Florida. 

The next would follow Seattle in Washington. It will be held on 21st June. Shows will also be organized in the cities of Atlanta and New York, including Virginia and Toronto. All the arrangements for the concerts have been made across Virginia Beach and Orlando.

The upcoming year will witness a massive performance in Kansas and Nashville. This is one of the best fun facts about the entire situation. All the fans are very excited to witness their new journey of Janet with a new band after so many years of a break. 

What Is The Special News About These Concerts? 

This concert will be amazing because it will feature special guests like Ludacris. He will be making an appearance on all 33 shows. He recently tweeted that this particular show will be very special because he has tried his best to make a comeback.

‘Together Again’ Janet Jackson Announces 2023 Tour Dates

He also announced that the sale of the coupons and tickets for the together again tour will start on 16th December 2022 at 11:00 a.m. via Live Nation.

The schedule of the performances has already been confirmed, and a teaser for the same will be released very soon. This is going to be the biggest show that will stretch for a very long period. 

The Theme Of The Show

All the concerts will mark the 50 years milestone of Jackson In The entertainment industry achieved. That is why the organizers have decided that the entire event would highlight Jackson’s most specific and defined releases. These include important movies like The Velvet rope and Janet. 

The event will also feature and highlight some of the latest music and music albums released by her. Her songs have captured the top slot at the US Billboard. All of these greatest hits would be celebrated once again on such a large scale to order the hard work and talent that has been put in to make such songs. This will be a huge event that no fan can afford to miss at any cost.

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Schedule Of The Shows

The shows would kick start on 14th April 2023. But they would continue up till 21st June 2023. The last show would be held in Washington at the climate edge center. These concerts are experiencing heavy demand.

This amazing show will be one of its first kinds covering almost all of North America. This is going to be a huge achievement for the stars. A new benchmark would also be set up with the help of this performance.


The organizers will share all the details concerning the concerts in the upcoming time. This event will also witness the guest appearances of many other superstars who would be leaving no stone unturned in order to make this event a great success. It is only with the help of hard work that this event will become a memorable one. 

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