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Lil Fizz’s Alleged Nude Tweets Cause A Stir On Social Media



Lil Fizz's Alleged Nude Tweets Cause A Stir On Social Media

Did you see Lil Fizz’s alleged nudes on the social media platform earlier this week? Well, we all did. Reportedly, social media has reacted to Lil Fizz’s alleged nudes that surfaced all over the social media platform- Twitter! 

According to the reports, Lil Fizz took the Internet by storm and launched his nudes on the social media networking website- Twitter. After seeing the same, netizens reacted by saying that they have never seen him from that angle and now there’s no turning back! We all saw how Lil Fizz was trending on social media posting his bad-mouthing on Omarion.

He was also a part of a controversy that surfaced a lot of attention Post his fight. The love and hip-hop star got into a big controversial issue due to his alleged nude photos that appeared on the Internet earlier.

Now, what is surprising about that? It’s the fact that it is now the second time when his nudes have been leaked on the internet. According to Lil Fizz, someone is out there who has a goal to humiliate him the same.

We saw the graphics and snaps of Lil Fizz on the weekend, it was shared all over the social media platform- Twitter. It appears that the same has been taken from his popular page- OnlyFans. The leaks have allegedly been circulated from the same and we cannot seem to know why!

Fans Got Much Curious!

Lil Fizz was seen wearing a LA cap in his third picture while the other two are believed to be of his genital area. The photos were very private and surfaced on the Internet like never before! As we know here nothing is restricted to just one page, it just took a few minutes that all his photos to be leaked over Twitter.

Lil Fizz's Alleged Nude Tweets Cause A Stir On Social Media

We even saw stuff that wasn’t supposed to be seen. There were some close shots of his anus which were released on the social media platform- Twitter. Many of his fans reacted, and some got curious about the same.

Social media users couldn’t keep calm and as always were quick to react. They mentioned they haven’t seen this side of the star before and now there’s no turning back. The photos were popping up on the timeline, and people were constantly sharing the same on the Internet.

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As humiliating as it is for Lil Fizz, it was the second time that this happened. There were people tweeting nonsense, while others were reacting the other way around. One user wrote how Lil Fizz ended up in such controversy all the time. And this ain’t going to serve the artist right.

Some people also commented that they never imagined their star Lil Fizz from that angle and now it’s hard to go back to square one.

Many people made numerous memes and said stuff about the popular hip-hop artist, Lil Fizz. There is no turning back from the chaos you make on social media. It may take a minute to upload photos but seconds to make it viral (especially if you’re at a stardom level).

With so many mixed emotions from social media users, people also mentioned how their childhood crush had let them down- he was iconic before, singing the best romantic number and making people believe in Cupid.

But with such moves, Lil Fizz has led many of his fans down. Earlier too his nudes got leaked, although we still don’t know the leak source confirmation.

At the end of the day, social media platforms are dangerous yet attractive places, we recommend you play wisely! 

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