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Blake Shelton Surprised Jennifer Hudson With A Goat As A Christmas Present



Blake Shelton's Christmas Gift To Jennifer Hudson Is A Goat

Blake Shelton happens to be an American country music singer who has hit the charts quite too often. He also happens to be a TV presenter. He made his famous debut in 2001 with a single. The single titled ‘Austin’ happened to top the charts on Billboard. His second and third albums were also massive hits.

He has been quite brave with his career to date and has managed to win accolades for the same. Some time back, Shelton appeared on the Jennifer Hudson Talk Show and made some funny news. Let us find out what it is all about.

Shelton Sent An Actual Goat For Christmas To Hudson

Now, this may seem to be a bit funny and shocking at the same time. However, it is downright true. When Blake Shelton appeared on the Jennifer Hudson show on December 12, he actually reminded her of the old times. Funnily, he had gifted her a live ‘Goat’.

Shelton Sent An Actual Goat For Christmas To Hudson

That seems like some interesting bit of news. He brought up the topic, just before the show winded up for the season. In the course of the show, the audience came to know, that both shared a great relationship both on and off-screen.

The two had supposedly exchanged a number of gifts in their career. It was on the very same talk show, on which Jennifer Hudson revealed that Blake Shelton had actually gifted her a real ‘goat’. The audience could not help but laugh at this revelation.

It soon came out that Blake Shelton had actually curated the gift for Hudson’s teenage son. The small boy had probably asked Shelton about various farm animals, on the sets of ‘The Voice. So, Shelton thought, that a live pygmy goat would help the small guy get some clarification. He flew the goat from Oklahoma to Chicago.

The Goat’s First-Class Travel Seemed Worthwhile

Hudson received the pygmy goat for her son, who happened to name the goat Prancer. The small boy loved his Christmas present and was too happy to have received the offbeat gift. Hudson could not thank her friend enough for her thoughtfulness and kindness.

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The 41-year- old EGOT winner was simply over the moon when the incident took place. For the unversed, Jennifer Hudson became the only 17th person to receive an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award. She ended up with the popular EGOT status in September 2022.

Her latest ‘A Strange Loop’ won a Tony Award in June 2022. Moreover, she is the youngest to have received the award. That makes it even more special, so. Her daytime talk show, The Jennifer Hudson Show, debuted on September 12.

Amazingly it also happened to be her birthday. Going back to Shelton; when they were together on the sets of ‘The Voice, Hudson’s son, who is now 13 years old, was curious about such animals. He asked about them from several co-stars including Shelton. The boy is David Daniel Otunga Junior, whom Hudson shares with her ex-fiance WWE wrestler David Otunga.

She broke up with the champion, after a decade of togetherness in 2017. She happened to recall the good times with Shelton on the show. Moreover, she even got everyone to see the picture of the Pygmy goat. No one else could have thought of a better Christmas gift for the young guy. Hudson was probably quite happy, on receiving the odd gift. It seems that Shelton loves to surprise his co-stars with gifts such as these.

The star appeared on Hudson’s show on December 12, 2022, along with James Corden. There were lots of revelations about the famous ‘The Voice’ and ‘Barmageddon’. Corden also talked about his show titled ‘Mammals’, on that very same episode.

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