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Megan Thee Stallion Expresses How She Wished For Tory To Have Just Killed Her



Megan Thee Stallion Expresses How She Wished For Tory To Have Just Killed Her

Anyone who hasn’t heard of Meghan Thee Stallion is undoubtedly living under a rock. The disturbing rumor that has been going around recently is that Stallion’s boyfriend tried to shoot her down. She is still in shock over the entire experience despite being alive.

The trial for Tory Lanez, accused of being Megan Thee Stallion’s boyfriend, had already begun on the second day. On Tuesday, during the second day of the trial, she made her court appearance in Los Angeles. The Meghan case trial is being widely monitored because of her notoriety. Regardless of whether Tory Lanez shot her in the foot, many are still in disbelief.

 The Alleged Love Triangle And Jealousy

Kathy Ta, a deputy district attorney for the county of Los Angeles, is one of the attorneys overseeing the trial processes. The stallion was then questioned regarding her friendship with Kelsey Harris by the man. The artist reportedly described Kelsey as her closest friend, according to sources.

Megan Thee Stallion Expresses How She Wished For Tory To Have Just Killed Her

Her first year in college was when Meghan first met her. When 2019 concluded, Kelsey took over as her assistant.

In 2020, the two women and Stallion’s fashionista EJ King gathered for a pool party at Kylie Jenner’s home. Something went downhill after that, and Stallion was questioned about what had happened that evening.

She delivered the remarks in front of a crowded gallery, with members of Lanez’s family in attendance.

In response to questions from the prosecution, Meghan told her version of the tale when she was testifying. Lanez was invited to a small event at the Jenners’ house by Meghan, who recalled calling him.

Meghan remembers that Lanez had no plans to leave the party then, but after everyone had left, she decided to depart. Additionally, a purported love triangle is allegedly engaged in an unusual affair. There was evidence of some intimacy between Lanez and Meghan.

Nevertheless, they had yet to label their union. The other suspect in the case, Kelsey Harris, on the other hand, had grown fond of Lanez. Lanez had addressed Meghan aggressively to inform Kelsey about it as they boarded the vehicle.

However, Lanez incited the wrath of both ladies when he called them insulting names, and Kelsey was later furious to accept the truth of their relationship.

Fast forward to when Meghan got out of the car and noticed that Lanez was holding a gun to her head and that her leg was dripping with blood. It follows that she was shot and that she eventually passed out.

In the hearing, which also revolves around the entire act of shooting, the significance of both rappers’ careers was a subject of disagreement.

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Meghan Tears Up Recalling Being Shot At

According to Stallion, bigwigs in positions of authority refused to accept her version of events. Stallion concocted the tale that her injury was the consequence of a piece of broken glass shortly after the incident as a result.

She reportedly claimed to have cut her foot on the shattered glass while speaking with police personnel. Stallion also sobbed and acknowledged that he had been secretive about his closeness with Lanez.

Accepting the idea that the same person you trusted with your intimacy also makes the decision to shoot you is embarrassing. And Meghan experienced the same emotions.

Even Meghan’s present partner, Pardison Fontaine, feels ashamed of the entire situation. It seems rumors are also spreading concerning Meghan’s exaggerated claims that she denied having a sexual relationship with Lanez.

According to sources, when probed about her relationship with Lanez, Meghan Thee Stallion reportedly always selected a back-door response. She even continued to lie on live television.

However, the musician continues to receive support from her followers as the trial progresses and new daily information comes to light.

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