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Kehlani Sets Boundaries With Her Fans After The Sexual Assault Allegation



Kehlani Sets Boundaries With Her Fans After The Sexual Assault Allegation

Regardless of your identity or level of notoriety, sexual attacks can occur to anybody, anywhere, and at any time. As recently as last year, singer Kehlani was a victim of the same sexual predators, proving that they may lurk everywhere.

They currently assert that they will not back down in the wake of another sexual assault allegation made against her. The fact that it was a fan is even more astonishing. They claimed that when they passed through the audience, the fan attempted to take advantage of them.

Horrific Experience From Fans

The incident was reportedly witnessed at a recent concert by the artist Honey. Following their performance at the O2 Victoria Warehouse, Kehlani tried calming herself down.

Kehlani Sets Boundaries With Her Fans After The Sexual Assault Allegation

In an Instagram Stories post from Monday that has since been deleted, Kehlani described the horrific experience. Kehlani has earned a name for herself as a Grammy-nominated musician, making the possibility of sexual assault occurring even at well-guarded concerts all the more problematic.

They stated that a fan attempted to touch their genitalia by sticking their hands up their skirt. The mere knowledge of this information makes one cringe and makes them feel disdain. In a subsequent post, they continued by describing how unjustified this incident was in more detail.

They argue that it doesn’t give anyone the right to take advantage of someone like this, regardless of the type of life they lead or how sexually explicit their lyrics may be.

Living Up To The Trauma All Over Again

Kehlani refrained from speaking when the press approached her for more information. They want to appear calm in front of the media because that would cause further problems.

However, since they spoke out in such detail, they now need to establish boundaries with the audience and their supporters.

According to Kehlani, it is now imperative that their admirers and fellow citizens treat them with dignity and respect as human beings. Kehlani allegedly needed to be escorted as soon as the event occurred, according to eyewitnesses.

Kehlani didn’t want the story to appear in the tabloids, despite the seriousness of the situation. Sadly, it has happened despite their best efforts to avoid making headlines.

Regrettably, Kehlani had to go through such a humiliating ordeal, given that it was entirely possible. Since the news of the tragedy leaked, her admirers have done everything they can to support and love her as she moves over this terrible experience.

In response, Kehlani thanked all the fans and let them know they had made unforgettable memories at the event. She also said that the audience had been so kind. She praised the other fans even though the incident lingers as a raw wound in their memories.

Kehlani, who has a long list of honors and trophies to her credit, is not a stranger to sexual assault. In a previous interview from 2019, she discussed a different incident.

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Kehlani And Her Experience With The Same

Kehlani is surprised by this new revelation because she has experienced sexual assault firsthand. Kehlani can relate to other celebrities who have endured similar hardships because she has been a victim. Kehlani describes the concert incident as “as surprising as a kick in the stomach.”

In 2021, Kehlani expressed her unwavering support for the women subjected to Kaalan Walker’s sexual attacks. While advocating for the cause, they have shared their opinions regarding the degree of justice these women are due.

On the Twitter social media network, Kehlani verbally abused Kaalan. Furthermore, they publicly condemned Kaalan’s abuse in addition to the preceding. Their adamant encounter will serve as an example of addressing your attackers head-on and making them feel responsible.

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