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Sam Smith Was Criticized For His Jingle Ball Attire



Sam Smith Was Criticized For His Jingle Ball Attire

The singer Sam Smith, was attacked by online trolls for wearing silver jumpsuits after the performance of the hit song Unholy, alongside Kim Petras at the event in London on 10 December.

The singer was the subject of online bullying and body-shaming comments for their Jingle Bell Ball Look. The star wore an eye-catching shimmering and sparkling sleeveless bodysuit with a drop-down earring, black patent boots, and a silver waist belt. The singer wore the same outfit during the performance at iHeartRadio’s Jingle ball on 13 December. 

Ignoring the quality of the performance, people commented about the physical appearance of the star in a negative way. There was a vocal minority who took the opportunity to spread weird comments about the outfit.

Sam Smith’s Jingle Ball Attire Draws Body Shaming

After posting the video of the performance on TikTok the flow of reaction filled the comment section of the star. The comment pokers made fun of smith’s outfit as well as their body. The comments were especially callous because smith has been open about their identity and struggles with losing weight.

Sam Smith Was Criticized For His Jingle Ball Attire

When the wildfire of negative comments started spreading, fans of smith also stood up and supported the star. The fans pointed out that singer Harry style once wore a similar-looking outfit but didn’t face any negative trolls. But why for smith?

The rude comments splashed on social media which literally questioned the getup and appearance of the star. Many asked what smith was wearing or “What happened” to them.

On the other hand, some expressed their excitement and love for the star by commenting that they want to meet them at least once in a lifetime.

When the comments increased the fans of the star directly addressed the commands which spread negativity. The fans praised them for being real to themselves and living the life they want. This indicates that smith has more fans than the haters. 

Smith has always been vocal about their identity and relationship with the image body. A lot of fans came forward in defense of the hateful comments about the singer who is genderqueer and non-binary, and use they/them pronouns.

Sam started their weight loss journey in 2015 and consistently lost weight over the following five years. Smith revealed the weight loss journey in which they lost 50 pounds.

In interviews, smith said that they stopped food to control their body and adopted healthy lifestyles and habits that affect their day-to-day life. 

Smith started his career by releasing two singles  “Bad Day All Week” from 2008 and “when it’s Alright” from 2009. Smith teamed with House duo Disclosure on the track “Latch” which featured falsetto vocals astride which was released in 2012 and emerged as a hit.

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“Lay Me Down,” was released in early 2013 which is the first single from Smith’s debut album, In the Lonely Hour. In 2015, he was awarded Grammy Award and was deemed the best new artist. “Stay with Me” was awarded the record of the year and song of the year. Smith was the first openly gay to win the oscar.

The Thrill of It All, which was smith’s second studio album, released in late 2017 won both popular and critical praise. “Him” the song that pleads for acceptance of smith’s love for a man was an acclaimed work. In 2019 Smith announced his identity as  a nonbinary by tweeting that “my pronoun are they/them.”  

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