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Suicide!! Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Dancing DJ On The Ellen Show Dies



Suicide!! Stephen tWitch Boss, Dancing DJ On The Ellen Show Dies

Without Stephen “tWitch” Boss, The Ellen DeGeneres Show would not be complete. The veteran and adored dance DJ on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” passed away, leaving us all in shock, and it appears that a significant hole will continue to exist in the program for a very long time.

At the time, Stephen, who was 40, had previously competed in “So You Think You Can Dance.” We were all surprised by the untimely death announcement, which saddened us. His wife, Allison Holker Boss, announced in a statement that her longtime spouse, Stephen, had passed away. Allison continued to admire Stephen for how much he treasured his friends and family. The tWitch Boss served as an example to everyone and will always be remembered.

The epitome of optimism, Stephen was well-known for always having a smile on his face. He used to be a regular guest on Ellen’s talk program, where he would perform various game jams. Close friends and family members of Stephen noted that he left a lasting impact and would always serve as an inspiration.

It’s unfortunate that the death came as a surprise and that it was committed by suicide. Even if the reason for the suicide was known, it has not been revealed to the sources because it is still unknown. Awareness of the suicide’s reason may make it even harder for the family to cope with the loss of a loved one who already came as a shock.

Stephen’s Journey From The Beginning

The Montgomery, Alabama, birthplace of Stephen, is well known. His parents reportedly became aware of his restlessness when he was young. They had actually chosen “tWitcher” as Stephen’s nickname for the same reason.

Suicide!! Stephen "tWitch" Boss, Dancing DJ On The Ellen Show Dies

He hasn’t stopped being “tWitchin” ever since. Later, he completed his studies at Montgomery’s Lee High School, where he received his diploma in 2000.

Stephen decided to pursue dance after realizing his propensity for it after graduating. He registered for the Dance Performance Study at Southern Union State Community College. And attended Chapman University to pursue the same.

In one of the podcast interviews, Stephen had been open about his upbringing. We learned that Stephen grew up in a troubled family because a single mother reared him.

Additionally, he disclosed that, as his single mother raised him, his absent father also influenced the direction of his life. Stephen has always been an independent thinker with an untamable soul.

Stephen enjoyed dancing as much while studying the topic, and as a result, he placed in the semifinals of one of the dance competitions. His artistic endeavors were given different wings by The Wade Robson Project.

He participated in So You Think, You Can Dance, which solidified his ascent to prominence (SYTYCD). He was so well-liked that he returned to the same program years later as a judge. Stephen continued to value his popularity and respect, which he had worked hard to obtain.

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A Major Missing From Ellen’s Show

He joined Ellen DeGeneres on her talk program in 2014, which stands out in history. Evidently, she had hired him to serve as the DJ for the concert. Ellen’s show was a tremendously popular daytime talk show in 2014.

Therefore his popularity grew even more. Furthermore, he was employed in this position until the show’s cancellation this year. Stephen served as the show’s DJ in addition to serving as executive producer and making a significant contribution.

Stephen actively sought ways to stay in touch with viewers after the show had ended. He is known to be appreciated by his admirers as he regularly uploaded footage of him dancing with his wife.

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