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5 LGBTQ+ TikTok Creators You Should Follow



5 LGBTQ+ TikTok Creators You Should Follow

People these days are very much attached to their mobile phones rather than anything or anyone. It has become the first thing they wake up to and the last thing they sleep too. And in building up such a practice, social media has played a great role.

Such media platforms are gaining huge popularity lately and they even helped numerous people in bringing up a change in society. 

One such social media that gained a huge fan base in the 21st century is TikTok. With the arrival of this platform, people found a place where they could express their feelings and even mark a place in society.

The app has paved the way for the development of a multitude of influencers and identities who gained the power to question the corruption happening around us. Presently TikTok teens have shown the world how to interrupt political proceedings and influence culture.

And if you are a part of this social media community then you’ll also be aware that numerous individuals of the LGBTQ+ community are prosperous in this field and even consider it as the safest place to express themselves and to bring up their identity.   

TikTok Become A Shelter For Queer Quest And Declaration

Until the outbreak of TikTok, YouTube was considered the home to queer creators where they created their world. And with the multitude of vlogs, the community was able to develop a social hierarchy that helped them to flourish their own fandom.

5 LGBTQ+ TikTok Creators You Should Follow

Also, YouTube even helped in establishing queer representation in entertainment media and in conducting fundraising programs for helping out trans men and women in their top surgery.  

The rapid growth of TikTok was so surprising for all other similar platforms. And within a short time, it has become a sanctum for queer quest and declaration. Moreover, within three years, the hashtag #LGBTQ achieved 13.9 billion views.

Since TikTok provided more of a confessional and personal platform, it even helped individuals to utilize it more for their growth.

As TikTok has shorter content, it helped the users to learn more deeply about the stories of LGBTQ+ individuals. Such videos included humor content, skits, jokes, their experiences as a queer, etc.

And most often they make sure to include content that shows the minute attacks they experienced on a daily basis and even talks about the difficulties they face from their family, society, etc. 

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Here are a few LGBTQ+ TikTokers you could follow

  1. Dylan Mulvaney

The creator of the globally popular TikTok series, Days of Girlhood. The series illustrates the creator’s transition and guides the viewers through the hardships they face while living openly as who she is.


My first question for the president. I have so much to learn, but Honored to stand up for my trans community. #trans #usa #vote

♬ original sound – Dylan Mulvaney

Other than this popular series, Dylan’s popular videos talk about the importance of representation and gender, and with this, she has gained a chance to meet President Joe Biden representing the whole community. She has more than nine million followers and currently plays a major role in creating a buzz on the social media platform. 

  1. The Old Gays

One of the most entertaining people who never fails in putting up a smile on their viewers’ faces. The group includes four elderly gay men Bill Lyons, Robert Reeves, Mick Peterson, and Jessay Martin belonging to the age group 65 to 78.

These gentlemen are from California and most of their content includes entertaining challenges, dance videos, personal stories, etc. Even at this age, these men came out as gay in order to provide living proof to queer youth that they can grow old as gay and even be happy at it.

These TikTok influencers gained three million followers within a short time and have even seized the attention of stars like Rihanna and Bebe Rexha. 

  1. Pink Neinu

Neinu is a makeup artist who creates some stunning beauty and drag looks. This influencer captivates viewers with the talent of incorporating comedy into beauty tutorials. By doing this, he makes sure that his videos are both informative and at the same time entertaining.

Being so brave, he even raised his voice against numerous political issues like the Black Lives Matter movement by posting content concerning it.

Neinu gained a multitude of fan bases within a short span in all his social media platforms with his talent for entertaining people. 

  1. Wednesday Holmes

An artistic genius known by the name HelloMyNameIsWednesday utilizes the platform in order to give mental support and care to those who are in need.

They provide mental health check-ins and uplifting protestations for those who are at their weakest point.

Most of the content posted here is animations full of colors that guarantee to brighten up your day. These contents make you trust yourself and help build self-belief together with making you proud of who you are and what you achieved throughout your life. 

  1. Claire Training

A science teacher and personal trainer who brings out a comic approach to those wars faced by every individual in the LGBTQ+ community in their daily life.

Claire is a lesbian mother who is proud of herself for coming out and helping those in society who stay invisible as they doubt their identity and existence.

She is the queen of carefree humor and fights the ridiculous stereotypes and myths existing in the present society.       

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