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Is Blackbear Gay? Reason Behind His Gay Rumours



Is Blackbear Gay Reason Behind His Gay Rumours

The famous musician is globally known for his album “deadroses” which was first released back in 2015. The American singer was born on November 27, 1990, and goes by the name Mathew Tyler Musto, professionally known as blackbear.

Since the release of the first album, he has been widely grouped in the hip-hop and rap circles. The popular singer has managed to infuse some quality music into his fan’s ears. He struggled his childhood with a heroine addiction mother in the absence of his real father.

He stepped into the world of music at a very young age in his hometown Polaroid before he moved to Atlanta to work with Ne-Yo.

Before his independent work which was streamed on SoundCloud back in 2014, blackbear worked with some notable musicians such as Justin Beiber, Machine gun kelly, and Mike Posner.

He worked as a co-writer for them before releasing his debut Extended play Foreplay in 2012. The vocal artist has collaborated with many other prominent singers and his estimated net worth as of last year December is $5 million

Where The Rumours Started?

Despite the singer’s success in the music industry, his followers have many questions regarding his career, life, and especially his sexuality. There have been speculations among the crowd indicating his relationship with his co-coworkers, Mike Posner and Justin Beiber.

Blackbear and family

Many of his followers are still trying to figure out the sexual orientation of the popular singer. 

All the rumors were fuelled by when he tweeted about his gay roommates and that he fully supports them, this made many of his followers think that he is gay but he had never revealed his sexual orientation until the vocal artist publicly announced the good news expecting his first child with his girlfriend, Michelle Maturo, in his millions following Instagram handle.

Before a year to their second son on March 12, 2022; the couple announced their engagement on Michelle Maturo’s Instagram handle. Though the couple has not locked their wedding rings until today.

Up to this date, this relationship with the model and fitness trainer demonstrates that the sexual orientation of the American musician blackbear is straight. Even though the singer is not quite popular on social media, his appearance is flooded in his fiance’s Instagram handle.

The couple has been appearing with their younger ones much more frequently. Despite many indications, the singer has questioned his sexuality as well as his actions.

As we have seen a lot of personalities changing their sexual orientation for their conflict of interest, maybe these fans believe that some part of his sexual desire is not straight, despite his straight relationship with his fiancee.

Since there is no declaration from the rapper himself, it is inhuman to create speculations about his sexual orientation. However, it is clear to believe that the American singer and rapper is currently in a long relationship with his soon-to-be-married fiance, Michele Musto.

As the couple has now introduced two beautiful tiny loved ones into this world. Thus it is evident to believe that the sexual orientation of the blackbear is straight. 

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Final Words

In addition, nobody knows what the future for anyone is. So, as we grow changes happen to occur and similar to the case of blackbear no one could speculate that he will be straight the rest of his life nor he will be gay in the future apart from him.

Therefore, it is his personal choice to change his sexual identity as well as reveal it too. Just like any other individual, blackbear has the right to protect his private life.

He has been crystal clear on supporting LGBTQ and has not announced any official statement about his sexuality, despite public interest in prying about his sexuality 

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