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Earth, Wind, And Fire Drummer Fred White Passed Away At 67



Earth, Wind, And Fire Drummer Fred White Passed Away At 67

Fred White, an American drummer who was born on January 13, 1955, has now joined his brothers Maurice Monte and Ronald in heaven. The news demise of the early band member of Earth, wind, and fire Fred white was declared by his brother on his Instagram handle. 

He wrote that their family is saddened by the passing away of the talented family member, Frederick Eugene White, his stage name goes Fred white, and he has joined his brothers in heaven and now drumming with the angels.

He added that Fred was a child protege, a member of Earth, Wind, and Fire Original 9, and holds gold records at the young age of 16, as well as was the fourth brother in the family.

In addition to that Verdine has expressed his grief over the caption towards his brother mentioning how wonderful he was at entertaining and mischievous, he assured that Fred was capable of twisting a horrible situation into an entertaining one. He insisted that the drummer will remain in their heart forever.

Memorable Moments Of Fred White

The famous drummer has contributed some of the funkiest songs to the nation’s weddings, high school reunions, and other functions. The drummer embraced his prime era during the early 80s during the band made some of the most beloved music in the studio album that’s the way of the world.

Some of the memorable music was shining star, that’s the way of the world, September, and much more. These mentioned songs have been played on the music platform Spotify around 1.18 billion times. With the demise of the legendary drummer, the number may surge a few more.

Despite the joyous horn and soothing vocals, Maurice white the half-brother of Fred white has mentioned the band as a band of drummers in his 2016 memoir. He added that Fred White always provided a solid performance with his rock-solid tempo.

Fred white performed under the leadership of Maurice white, who began the band in 1970 to provide combined elements of music to the world. The successful band is driven in encouraging energetic and bombastic live performances for the crowd. Maurice white the founder of the banned passed away at the age of 74 in 2016.

Prior to joining Earth, Wind, and Fire, Fred was an accomplished drummer who toured with  American soul singer Donny Hathway during the release of his live album in 1972.

He joined the Earth, wind, and fire in 1974 and paired alongside drummer ralph johnson and created some of the grammy-winning songs that hit the top of the US billboard 100.

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Fred White was among the group of the band’s most successful period with the establishment of the 1975 album that’s the way of the world which continued to be ringing the ears of many people around the world.

Some of the biggest hits of the band are still popular in the modern music era, often sampled by many notable musicians and featured in countless movies.

The band was placed in the Rock and Roll hall of fame 200 and played in the Superbowl halftime show in 2005. The early music of the band Got you in my life was also featured first in president Barak Obama’s Spotify playlist.

The band has secured 7 grammy’s for its iconic songs and 11 of their songs have been nominated for grammy’s through the origin of the band. The band further bagged five of the twelve nominated awards for the American Music Awards.

Songwriters such as Fred’s brother Maurice white and verdine white along with Philip Barkley, Al Mckay, and Larry Dunn were also inducted into the songwriter’s hall of fame in the year 2010.

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