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Is Blippi Gay? Why Are There Rumors About His Sexuality?



Is Blippi Gay Why Are There Rumors About His Sexuality

The American educational Youtube channel Blippi was created by Stevin W. John, better known by his pseudonym, Blippi. The live-action program designed by Steve is especially for children under the age of five including toddlers.

Steve himself plays the lead character with a youthful, energetic, and interesting personality. He appears dressed up in bright colors with an orange beanie cap, blue shirt, orange bow tie, and orange suspenders. 

The first video was posted in February 2014 and in order to bring the channel to fame, he united with the multi-channel network, Moonbug Entertainment in 2020.

The media house provides the necessary funding required for the series and such related children’s programs. The program is not only available in English, but is even dubbed in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew, German, Swedish, Polish, and Arabic.       

John To Blippi

Blippi is originally the name of the character that appears on the program. And until 2021, it was portrayed by Stevin John alone. But later on May 8, another man named Clayton Grimm appeared on screen as Blippi and portrayed a replacement for John. 

John To Blippi

The 34 years old YouTuber cum educator was born on May 27, 1988, and grew up in a countryside surrounded by tractors, cows, and horses.

He remarks through his videos that in his childhood, he wished to become a limousine driver and a fighter pilot. He claimed that the idea for such a program for children came up to him after watching his two-year-old nephew seeing a low-quality video on youtube. 

On January 27, 2014, the first video got aired with John playing as Blippi. Rather than acting, he was the one who handled all the other work in the initial days including filming, editing, graphics, etc.

Before starting up a channel for children, he made himself aware of how to impress kids. He even took inspiration from other children’s educators and entertainers like Mr. Rogers. As the videos got clicked, he started gaining huge popularity and this led to the expansion of his staff and controllers.

And with such a fanbase, he even started dubbing the videos into different languages. Other than posting content on the youtube channel, he even sold DVDs and digital downloads.

The Reason Behind The Rumors

Being a youtube content creator, especially for children, Steve appears on screen as a person with childish curiosity and an energetic persona which has always paved for doubts regarding his sexuality.

Some haters and even followers believe that he is gay or bi. But, as of the records, this young man is engaged to Alyssa Ingham, which doesn’t make any difference regarding the rumors. 

In some videos, he acted more like a gay going around and doing crazy things which added to the rumors making them feel more true.

Even though there are no records or evidence proving that the 34-year-old YouTuber is gay, most viewers believe that something is wrong with his sexuality although he has a fiance.

Despite his acts in the videos, he seems normal and it is known that all these acts are to make the videos a little more appealing and entertaining for toddlers.

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Although he acts crazy around in his videos, in real life he is a multitasker who knows to keep up the balance between his work life and personal life. 

Steve, professionally known as Blippi, is engaged to his long-term girlfriend Alyssa. The couple had been engaged since 2015 and even shared images of their honeymoon to Malibu, California. The duo is adored by the fans and never fails to keep their fans updated about their lives through social media.

In March 2022, the couple welcomed their first child, Lochlan, and posted a photo of the duo with the baby. They seemed happy welcoming the newest member to the family.

Blippi is so private about his past relationships and also no rumors stating the YouTuber is gay hasn’t been out yet. From all the information available online and from his close sources, Blippi is for sure a straight man who is enjoying the best days of his life with a successful career and a happy family.

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