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Zach Shallcross’s Official Bachelor Cast Is Announced



The bachelor, an American dating television series is rolling for its new season. The Television Show will run for its 27th season this year.

The season premiers on January 23, 2023. For its new season,  the 30 gorgeous women are looking forward to stealing the heart of tech executive Zach Shallcross, who is best known for his appearance in the 19th season of The Bachelorette.

Apart from the unveiling of the Bachelor, the viewers are much anticipating the revealing of its 30 beautiful women who are vying for Zach Shallcross.

On Wednesday, the television show network, ABC announced all the women featured in its all-new 27th season.

Earlier in an interview, the 26-year-old revealed that he is looking forward to finding his best friend and living the rest of his life with her.

Sooner or later, meet all the women and the bachelor who is all ready to feature in the Television show.

The Bachelor: Zach Shallcross

Born in Fullerton, California. He graduated from California Polytechnic state university with a degree in business administration in 2019.

Zach Shallcross's Official Bachelor Cast Is Announced

He appeared as a contestant in the 19th season of the bachelorette, who pursued bachelorette Rachel over Gabby in the dual Bachelorette season and later self-eliminated from the series.

On the final day of the bachelorette itself, Zach Shallcross was announced as The Bachelor of season 27.

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The Rest Of The Cast For Season 27 Are;


Aly is a healthcare strategist who hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Aly is 26 years old and has dated a few guys in the past whom she later came to know we’re not looking for the real deal which is plans for the future. Beyonce and Aly went to the same high school.


The 30-year-old gorgeous woman comes from a loving greek family. Anastasia is a content marketing manager at a company based in Diego, California. Currently, she is looking for a mature man who understands what he wants in life. 


Born and brought up in Ukraine. In search for the love of life. The 28-year-old is a marketing executive from New York. She has traveled across Europe, Asia, and South America. As per his taste, Ariel might be the best match for Zach.


Bailey had enough of dating apps and now looking for a serious relationship. She enrolled in this hoping to meet the man of his life. Bailey is an enthusiastic 27-year-old, Executive recruiter from Nashville. She is passionate about owning her own business in health. Let’s hope that Zach releases the same energy as Biley.


A 25-year-old medical student who has dedicated her life to helping people comes from a Mexican-American family. She is young, loving, and honest. She is also one of the youngest among the contestants. Rebecca is a fan of romance novels. She wishes to hit it off with Zach


A creative and smart 24-year-old who is an entrepreneur. She is expecting a ride-or-die partner for the rest of her life.

After spending quality time in Paris she could not find any guy who matches wine. The 24-year-old is all prepared and excited to meet Zach.


Brooklyn is a rodeo racer from Stillwater, Oklahoma. The 25-year-old discovered her passion to saddle up horses at 13 years old, and ever since then, she dreamed of becoming a professional rodeo cowgirl and horse trainer.

His love for horses enabled her to pursue animal study. However, she is currently working as a dental surgeon who custom designs teeth for life-changing dental procedures. She had up and downs in her past relations. Just like any other, she is looking forward to meeting the energetic bachelor.


A die-hard fan of Justin Beiber is crazily excited to meet the bachelor. She is 27 years old and working as a corporate recruiter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Her whole life has been figured herself except for this last piece. We all hope she sparks with a young tech executive. 


The fun-loving dancer hails from new york. She is just 26 years old. She is eager to meet someone who accepts her for who she is and prioritizes her.

She prefers to do the same in exchange. Let’s see whether Zach will fall for her beautiful smile or not.


A mental health therapist who specializes in the field of child and family therapy. She could be the perfect match to understand the emotional need of Zach.

The things she expects from a guy are honesty and loyalty. Let us hope both of them share the same morals.


The content creator from Nashville is a divorcee. The 26-year-old is the mother to her 5-year-old daughter Blakely. Since the divorce, she has been looking for the ideal man to fill the void.


The 25-year-old Davia is a marketing manager from Charleston, South Carolina. Loves to dance and read some novels. Looking for marriage with a guy who prioritizes their relationship.


The adventure-driven Gabi is an account executive from Pittsford, Vermont. She is inspired by her parent’s marriage and looking for an honest guy who understands what she wants. She had dreamed of her wedding in Italy on lake Como. I Hope Zach is excited about her destination wedding.


A registered nurse from BaltimnoreCity, Maryland is expecting to ramp up her position to become CEO of a hospital one day.

She dwells on Colleen Hoover’s books, finely play sports, and spends quality time with family. She is looking for someone with a real package.


The 24-year-old is Born and brought up in Texas, she is courageous enough to speak up his mind. She has currently moved to new york and living her life to the fullest as a medical sales representative. She only lacks a partner in her life.


Holland is seeking a genuine personality just like Zach. The 24-year-old is a confident woman who is looking for the same energetic man as she is. 

She spends quality time on the beach near her house in Florida. Holland clearly understands what she looking for and she will only fall for something she likes.


Jessica would be the youngest woman in the pack. The 23-year-old is an E-Commerce coordinator from Florida. She believes that Zach is ideal for her and hopes for Zach to feel the same way about her.

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