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Damar Hamlin Health Update: What Actually Happened To Him?



Damar Hamlin Health Update: What Actually Happened To Him?

Monday night’s NFL clash between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals has been suspended after one of the Bills’ Safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest during the mid-game.

The 24-year-old was given CPR at his collapse site in the field. In the wake of the event, many of the teammates and fans were weeping and consoling each other.

After he was treated by the paramedics of the team, he was administered to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for further treatment.

Fans of both teams have been showing support by gathering around the hospital building with marching candles.

What Is The Condition Of Damar Hamlin?

Prior to the cardiac arrest, Hamlin was chasing Higgins, who was running with the ball after a 13-yard pass from Joe Burrow.

Higgins assured his possession after hitting Hamlin’s chest and Hamlin grabbed Higgin’s shoulder and helmet resulting to drag him down along with himself.

Damar Hamlin Health Update

Hamlin got back to his feet, and while he was adjusting his helmet he fell backward and lay there. For 19 minutes he was lying on the field receiving medical attention.

The possible cause according to the cardiac specialist is a rare type of trauma called Commotio Cordis, which occurs when a severe blow to the chest causes the heartbeat to tremble.

This is caused very rarely as the blow lands in the exact position of the heart during the heart’s rhythm cycle at the wrong time.

Following the next day of admission to the hospital, Damar Hamlin was sedated and kept on a ventilator in the ICU to support his breathing.

The 24-year-old was in critical condition, and friends and family including fans prays for his speedy recovery.

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In the fresh developments on Friday morning, it was revealed that Damar Hamlin was breathing on his own without any support and he started to speak after the tubes were removed.

After waking up from the sedative state the 24-year-old asked the doctor who won the Monday night clash between  Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals.

The doctor a motivating reply You won the game of life, Dr. Timothy Pritts disclosed. In addition, he was surprised, when he knew that he was sedated for the last two days.

The medical experts concluded that he still need to make a significant process, as he had made a remarkable recovery and improvement with the entire week.

Dr. Pritts also appreciated the medical team for dealing with the situation quickly and their dedication has been praised by all individuals.

They added that speedy recovery may not be on the plate for Hamlin, though both of the doctors hope that Hamlin will upgrade his condition and assist him to return to the person he used to be, before the accident.

The doctors believe it is still too early to discuss whether the 24-year-old could return to the field or not.

In the wake of the tragic event, the US Niagra falls, Bills’ home city Buffalo and the opponent team’s city Cincinnati as well as several other national sites have adopted the blue lights in support of Damar Hamlin.

Further elaboration, the match between the Bills and Bengals has been officially canceled and will not resume this season.

Both themes are now expected to end the season with one fewer game than others. A proposal has been up for voting to deal with the playoff seeding by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

In response to the injury, the team’s quarterback Josh Allen was questioned about whether the team will be ready to play on coming Sunday. Allen responded that the positive updates of their teammate Damar have been motivating them to push forward in the coming games. 

In the next game of the Buffalo, you may witness huge banners of Damar flying high in the field.

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