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Tristan Thompson’s Mom Passes Away Suddenly In Toronto



Tristan Thompson's Mom Passes Away Suddenly In Toronto

As per the reports confirmed by the close circles of Tristan Thompson, his mother Andrea died of sudden cardiac arrest in their hometown, Toronto on Thursday. 

The former NBA champion has taken an immediate flight from Los Angeles with his ex-girlfriend, Khole Kardashian, knowing of his mother’s demise.

Tristan Thompson is a name that shines in the basketball arena as the Canadian- American professional player has won the NBA championship in 2016. He played for the Chicago Bulls in his last tournament in the National Basketball Association.

Tristan Thomson is the eldest of four brothers namely Dishawn, Daniel, and Amari born to the Jamaican citizens Andrea and her ex-husband Trevor Thompson.

Bonding Between Tristan Thompson And His Mother

It is clear from their social media handles of Tristan Thompson that he had shared a close-knit bond with his mother.  His Instagram handle is full of photos of her and their affectionate times together as a family.

Tristan Thompson's Mom Passes Away Suddenly In Toronto

There are pictures of his mother and Tristan’s daughter having some quality time together. He has two kids with Khole Kardashian, namely True, and the other born in a surrogacy. Tristan had always been so vocal about his mother’s sacrifices and affection for their family.

Andrea, who has been a bus driver. She had a really difficult time bringing her family up and it is her sole dedication that made Tristan reach the heights of fame and fulfillment. 

The demise of Andrea had been shocking news for the Kardashian family too.  As Tristan was married to Khole Kardashian and shares two kids with him,  the Kardashians have also expressed their deep-felt condolences on the sudden demise of Andrea.

In an Instagram post shared by Kris Jenner, the mother of the Kardashians shared her utmost condolences to the family of Tristan. From her personal experiences, Kris has hailed Andrea as a selfless and devoted mom and a fantastic grandmother. 

In her condolences post on Instagram, Kris Jenner expressed that Andrea will be missed by not only her family but also by the Kardashians.

From his social media handles it is pretty clear that the bond Tristan had with his mother was always of a kind.  Being a single mother, Andrea had struggled much with the upbringing of her kids.

She and her ex-husband Trevor Thompson share four kids including Tristan. His youngest brother Amari is suffering from a specific neurological disorder and in 2013, Tristan established the Amari Thompson Fund to raise awareness of the conditions of people suffering from epilepsy. He and Andrea were seen along for the charity programs conducted back in August 2018.

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The news regarding the tragic demise of Tristan’s mother was first reported by TMZ Sports on Friday afternoon. As per the reports made by TMZ, she was rushed to a nearby hospital upon cardiac arrest but they couldn’t rescue her.

They also reported that upon hearing the news, Tristan and his ex Chole Kardashian rushed to the spot from Los Angeles on a private jet. Back in May 2020, he shared a heartfelt post on Mother’s day praising her valuable sacrifices to him and his family. As per the words of Tristan, one day can’t be enough to hail his mother.

For him, every day is mother’s day and she is a superhero for him. As many of his fans and friends know their amicable bond together, the unexpected death of his mother had made everyone in a state of soulful mourning.

Many have shared their deepest condolences to the family of Tristan. Friends and families of Tristan have shared their memories with Andrea and have partaken in the heartfelt mourning for her sudden farewell. Tristan Thompson hasn’t shared anything on his social media handles since his mother’s death.

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