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Prince Harry Responds To Jeremy Clarkson’s Article By Criticising The Lack Of A Royal Defence For Meghan



Prince Harry Responds To Jeremy Clarkson's Article By Criticising The Lack Of A Royal Defence For Meghan

Prince Harry has accused defeated to contend, Meghan, in the controversy of Jeremy Clarkson’s column. Prince Harry said in a recent ITV interview about the horrific article “silence Deafening”. And he shows his strong disagreement with the comments about his son’s skin tone. 

Prince Harry describes the article as horrifying and hurtful. The claims in the article are towards his wife. It badly affects her life for a long time.

Meghan has faced stereotyping from the royal family at one stage. And the couple has faced a lot of questions about the skin color of their future child from the royal family. 

Harry Accused the Royal family in order to show negligence to support his wife. And he also mentions the stereotyping that faced his wife at the time. 

Critics of Meghan Markle came widely after the final episode of their Netflix docuseries Harry and Meghan.

Many of the usual critics of Meghan shared some weird thoughts about her. Jeremy Clarkson intentionally made some unnecessary comments about Meghan in his column article in The Sun. 

What Was The Article?

An article has appeared about Meghan explaining how the columnist dream about the day that she was completely naked and attending a parade through the streets of Britain.

Prince harry and Meghan

The columnist also describes the worse response such as the crowd chants over her by murmuring the word “shame” and throwing lumps of excrement toward her. 

Prince Harry contrasted this situation with another event that has happened before just three weeks. It was between Lady Susan and Ngozi Fulani a Black British lady.

She attended the function hosted by Camilla the Queen consort as a guest. She was challenged by Lady Hussey by asking about her origin. At last, it reached the apology and dismiss Lady Hussey from the palace.

Harry contrasts the situations that his wife and Ms. Fulani have faced. And he suggests it as a case of unconscious bias. 

Here Jeremy explained his feelings for Prince Harry also with the comments about Meghan in his article. He feels sorry for him. Because Meghan is a different personality. And Jeremy shows his strong disgust against Meghan. 

His comments crossed the limits when Harry and Meghan provide a situation after releasing their docuseries. Many of the readers came blaming Jeremy for making such an inappropriate comment.

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Some of the readers showed their opponents towards The Sun for allowing the publication of such a shameful piece in their newspaper.

Some are critically evaluating the whole tabloids in Britain for sharing such an unnecessary piece of information with the people in the name of Tabloids and demanding the firing of Jeremy. 

Jeremy’s Daughter Emily also shared her strong disagreement with her father’s words through her Instagram page. 

 Lawmakers asked the editor of The Sun to take legal action against Jeremy Clarkson. And also demanded an apology from Jeremy. 

What Is The Role Of Camilla In This?

Jeremy had attended a lunch at Queen Camilla before two days he wrote against Meghan. People are cross-checking the involvement of Camilla in this incident.

They considered the lunch meeting of Jeremy with Queen Camilla. But claims were raised that she attended the luncheon as a host and she has no involvement with this. 

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Prince Harry married an American actress named Meghan Markle in 2018. They met in 2016 and get in love in a short time period. In Prince Harry’s words, he fell in love with Meghan quickly and she literally tripped him and fell into his life.

In 2017 they got engaged. She was baptized in 2018 and they married in 2018 in a private wedding ceremony at home before their royal wedding.

After their marriage, Harry and Meghan split from the joint court.  It highly contributed to their freedom to independently build up their own collection and charities. 

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