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Prince Harry Says He Wasn’t Invited To Fly With His Family To Scotland When Queen Elizabeth Died



Prince Harry Says He Wasn't Invited To Fly With His Family To Scotland When Queen Elizabeth Died

Prince Harry explains what happened at the time Queen Elizabeth died. He was in London with his wife Meghan Markle at the time the palace announced Queen Elizabeth’s medical status. He was attending a charity event at that time. 

He explained in the exclusive interview with Anderson Cooper the reasons why he did not attend the funeral ceremony with his whole family. The 60 minutes long interview was noted as his first major television interview. He make this with Anderson Cooper to promote his highly anticipated memoir in the name of Spare which takes place tonight. 

He sat with Anderson Cooper and openly talked about his personal life and experiences. He describes how he overcomes the heartfelt situation after the death of his mother Diana. He was a child. Harry and his brother William refused to accept their new mother. They tried to push back their father from the marriage with Camilla Queen of Consort. 

Prince Harry Attended The Ceremony Himself A Few Hours After His Grandmother Died

And he describes he was not invited to that funeral ceremony with his family. He did inquiries about the travel plans to his brother Prince William about getting up there. But after a few hours, he heard all of his family members live within the Windsor and Ascot area and were jumping on a plane together. 

Prince Harry Says He Wasn't Invited To Fly With His Family To Scotland When Queen Elizabeth Died

He had not been informed anything about this by his family members. He answered that he is not invited on the plane. It has maybe 16 seats. And that is enough for their whole family. 

And he attended the ceremony himself in Balmoral a few hours after his grandmother died. Harry still remembers how his family members respond after he walked to the hall. His aunt Princess Anne greeted him and asked if he want to see Queen Elizabeth. He thought about it and take this opportunity to say goodbye to her. 

Harry said he spend some time with his grandmother alone in her bedroom. And he shows his happiness and described her life. She completed her life in this beautiful world.

Her husband was waiting for her. She finished her 96 years of life and it is time to go back. She was buried along with her husband. So her life after death will be also beautiful and peaceful. 

She served the country well. She was responsible for her duties. She was admired and respected by everyone. And he remembered past experiences and moments with her. He said he has always loved her. He loves to remember her memories since she died. Harry cherished and enjoyed all his moments with his granny.   

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News about Prince Harry attending the Funeral ceremony alone was spread fastly. All his family members attended together.

A discussion about this incident has widely formed after the ceremonies.  News circulates about Harry’s absence before Queen Elizabeth’s death.

All are wondering why he refused to come with his family. Because the rest of his family members were made their present before she died. 

And he also disclosed things about his personal life. He was suffering to deal with emotions after his mother died. And he highly used experimental drugs.

He considered his stepmother as the villain in their life. And he lost his brother’s love. He thinks his brother changed a lot. 

He step down from the royal family in 2020. And he started an organization in the name of Archwell Inc for doing charity work and non-profit activities.

His book Spare is a real picture of Harry’s struggles and grief that he faced after the departure of his mother Princess Diana from this World.  

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