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Created Embryos With Toxic Ex Before Relationship Ended: Anna Kendrick Revealed



Created Embryos With Toxic Ex Before Relationship Ended Anna Kendrick Revealed

Born in Portland, Maine, on August 9, 1985, this 37-year-old American actress and singer have received a myriad of accolades within her 25 years of career in the Hollywood entertainment industry. She is very well known for her role in the 2008 romance fantasy film series, The Twilight Saga.

Also, she received further recognition for featuring in the 2009 comedy Drama, ‘Up in the Air,’ for which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She even gained fame for her role as ‘Beca Mitchell’ in the 2012 film series, Pitch Perfect. 

Lately, Kendrick has made an appearance in the weekly podcast, Armchair Expert, hosted by American actors Dax Shepard and Monica Padman.

This podcast has paved the way for a discussion about the actress’ experiences from a toxic relationship. 

She Revealed How This Toxic Relationship Affected Her Life

She opened up about how she survived the relationship and how it impacted her life. The actress revealed that she was having a long-term relationship with which she was planning on starting a family.

Created Embryos With Toxic Ex Before Relationship Ended Anna Kendrick Revealed

She even disclosed that she had made embryos with her toxic ex-boyfriend, whom she considered more like a husband for all intents and purposes. 

The 37-year-old actress had recently starred in a thriller film named, Alice, Darling, directed by Mary Nighy. Anna stars in the leading role as Alice who is struggling her whole life with a psychologically abusive boyfriend, Simon played by Charlie Carrick.

She takes a vacation with her two friends played by Kaniehtiio Horn and Wunmi Mosaku to whom Alice appeared severely withdrawn from everything. The story proceeds as her friends help her resolve herself from the clutches of the mind games played by the abusive boyfriend. 

While attending an interview for the film, Anna commended that Alice’s story resonated with her due to some unique reasons. She added that she was retrieving from some personal experiences of emotional and physical abuse that she had from her past relationship. 

The Oscar nominee said that her rep was the one who sent it to her saying that the film was more connected to her as it was similar to everything that she’d been talking about for a while.

She added that although she watched numerous movies of abusive and toxic relationships, the one she’d experienced in her life was not even similar to them. 

And the film even helped her normalize and underrate what she experienced. Also, she believed that the film showed what she would have done if she was in a similar condition.   

Anna declared that she lived with the person believing that he was the one. She trusted him for all intents and purposes as her husband and even had embryos together. But after some six years, she said that it felt like living with a stranger and she wasn’t aware of what was happening in her life.

She experienced a personality shift in her partner and he even revealed that he had feelings for someone else while being with the actress. Being true to her relationship, she tried to work on the relationship through couple’s therapy although he never showed any interest.

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Even though he was the one to blame, she believed that it was because of her that their relationship didn’t go well. And she even thought that he left her because she was impossible and he was the one who was even tolerating her.

She was ashamed of herself for being rejected by someone who loved her very deeply for six long years. The actress even disclosed that she dismantled her life in order to deal with the cataclysmic nature of the relationship believing she could fix everything. 

Anna remembered her ex-relationship and said that she faced a situation where the person whom she loved and trusted more than herself made her feel like she was impossible. It was so difficult for her to handle and led her to a confused state.

She said it was more like a unique experience of discovering that everything she thought was going on was exactly going on in reality.

And recovering from all this was so difficult to communicate with others as they won’t understand what she’s gone through. 

The Primetime Emmy Award nominee continued that she visited two therapists a week and learned meditation. She got an Al-Anon and it took some time for her to become normal and get hold of herself. 

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