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Dana White, The UFC President Says He Has No Defense For Slapping His Wife



Dana White, The UFC President Says He Has No Defense For Slapping His Wife

The President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White, 53 says his organization will not punish him for slapping his wife, Ann.

White was in trouble when a video of his domestic violation was leaked on social media on New Year’s Eve. White confess by saying he has no excuses to put forward for whatever has happened and deserves no defense for this crime.

He also asks his fans not to defend his crime or to follow his path. He also admits that all the criticisms and mental torture he received in the past few weeks are well deserved. Also, he is going to face it in the future. 

All the problems arose when a videotape was made public by TMZ of an incident when White and his wife vacationed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, spending precious time together as it was New Year’s Eve.

What Was There In The Video?

The video appeared as White and his wife was in a serious discussion on the balcony of the VIP room at El Squid Roe in Cabo San Lucas.

Dana White slaps wife

At one point, the discussion looked like an argument between the two which made his wife Ann hit him first across his face after which White who was stuck on this action of his wife, held her left wrist tight and hit back as a reflex action.

This action made the fellow members of the party interrupt in between and brought an end to the fight.

However White is really guilty of this incident that he addresses this incident as the ever horrible incident in his personal life.

He says he clearly realizes his fault in this incident and plenty of discussions regarding this topic are done till now with Ari, ESPN, and others and none of them are happy with this incident just like White.

But what happened has happened and now it is his role to deal with the problem throughout his life. 

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When White was asked whether the further step taken by his organization punish him, his reply was the organization cannot punish him or hurt him by banning him for 30 days as he deserves it well.

But his leaving is going to hurt the company, his employees, and his fighters. Dana White has been the President of the UFC since 2001 and within this time he was the support pillar of this organization.

White says that in this incident the punishment he got is that a lot of people from the media, fighters, friends, followers, and others who had great respect for him might be painful by this incident and even some might be keeping hatred.

Another punishment he cannot face is the label he is going to take in the 10 or 25 long years. He cannot face the public who looks at him in the way of a woman abuser for the rest of his life.

He says these are the punishments he going to get and it is not the 30 or 60 days ban from the UFC.

White also conveys that he was disappointed with his act as he was the one who stood against the violence and harassment against women. While the reply of his wife, Ann to this incident was ‘Out of character’.

She also didn’t fail to stand along with her husband in this situation. She said that this is the first time they slapped each other and that nothing like this terrible incident ever happened in their life before.

She says that both of them were drunk too much which made them out of control. However, both of them are happy with each other speaking and solving the issue.

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