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Is Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife Arrested? Who Was It, Jessica Olson Or Cristal Taylor?



Is Dirk Nowitzki's Wife Arrested Who Was It, Jessica Olson Or Cristal Taylor

The recent emerging searches on the internet have driven confusion among netizens over the wife of Dirk Nowitzki.

According to the reports many speculations have been spreading regarding the arrest of Dirk Nowitzki’s wife.

People need to acknowledge the truth and not the rumors that have been ongoing about the Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki’s wife. Many believe that Dirk Nowitzki’s current wife is being sent to prison.

To the question that has been circulating, Is Dirk Nowitzki’s wife arrested? No, her wife has no business regarding the prison.

Why Did Cristal Taylor Get Arrested?

However, her ex-fiancee Cristal Taylor has been arrested over multiple forgery cases. At the time of arrest, Cristal Taylor was found at Dirk Nowitzki’s house.

Is Dirk Nowitzki's Wife Arrested

According to reports, earlier she was arrested because of violating her probation over the felony charge of financial crimes, as she missed her hearing of her 12-year theft and forgery case.

Furthermore,  Taylor was arrested twice for her misconduct back in 2000 in texas. She was also found guilty of two cases of stealing and two more cases of forgery. In response to her action, she was sentenced to probation and five years in jail.

In addition, before she engaged with Dick Nowitzki, Cristal Taylor committed financial crimes by failing to pay a dentist back in 2004, Taylor had to pay the dentist around $20,000 for his work, including to this she also had an additional debt of $330,000 with her ex-husband.

All thanks to the authorities for rescuing Nowitzki, as he had already proposed to his ex-fiancee by proposing with a whopping $250,000 engagement ring. Her apprehension revealed the dark background of Cristal Taylor, which ruined their plans to marry back in 2009.

As she was sentenced to five years in prison, for multiple charges including the decade-long forgery case.

However, the judge reduced her sentence to four years as she spent 100-plus days in Texas and Missouri correctional facilities. Her attorney further revealed that Tylor would most likely have to serve 14 months of her sentence, which is 30 percent of it.

Furthermore, he added that her charges were further dropped in Missouri and Beaumont last November. He added that Taylor is getting on with her life as he is trying to be close with the family. 

The offenses Taylor had alleged are:

  • Violation of decade-long probation
  • Failing to attend hearing charges over theft and forgery cases
  • Misconduct
  • Financial crimes over failing to pay dental charges worth around $20,000
  • Stealing

The wife of Dirk Nowitzki is Jessica Olsson. The couple met back at a charity event for SEED (Sports Education Economic Development) in 2010 and began dating for two years until they got married in July 2020.

Jessica Olson is the sister of the twin Swedish footballers Martin Olsson and Marcus Olsson. As of now, the couple has been married for 12 years and counting. 

Then, the couple had a beautiful traditional Kenyan-style wedding in Nowitzki’s Texas home. Their relationship began with a romantic gesture where Nowitzki succeeded by identifying his women from the five masked women, which is a Kenyan Wedding Custom.

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Jessica Olsson was born in Sweden on November 27, 1977, to a Swedish father and a Kenyan Mother. She was born in a small town in Sweden called Galve. Since her marriage, she has given birth to three children.

The couple welcomed their first child Malaika in 2013 and their Second child Max, in 2015. Following a year the couple had their third child Morris in 2016.

Jessica used to work at an art gallery as the head of the foundation which she quits, to fully focus on assisting unprivileged children and families in Dallas under the Dirk Nowitzki foundation. At the same time, she serves the foundation as its president.

Unlike the rumors, Dirk’s wife is an honest and kind human being who has a serviceable taste for humanity.

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