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Who Is James Kelly’s Wife Laura Kuenssberg? Lesbian Rumors, Kids, & Married Life



Who Is James Kelly's Wife Laura Kuenssberg Lesbian Rumors, Kids, And Married Life

Laura Juliet Kuenssberg, the renowned British journalist, who is the current host of the BBC’s flagship Sunday morning politics show, is the current talk over the internet. 

Laura Juliet Kuenssberg, in short, known by the name  Laura Kuenssberg tied the knot with James Kelly, a management consultant, in the year 2019. The life of the duo seems blissful and satisfying.

The British Journalist, now working for BBC News, succeeded Nick Robinson late in the year 2015. She then became the first woman to be the political editor at BBC News.

Two years down after their marriage, to be exact in December 2021, she herself quit the political editor position at BBC News. 

The former BBC’s Chief political correspondent seemed highly successful in her personal life as well as in her career path. But what happened between the duo and how it all started? What about the kids they share together? 

James Kelly Biography

James Kelly, who is between the age of 46-48, was born in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Laura Kuenssberg Net Worth And Salary

As there is no biographical information available regarding his date of birth, the assumption is that he was born between 1974-1976. The biological name of his parents and siblings are unknown.

He is having a successful career by joining the world of corporate when he was in his 20s. Now, James Kelly is working as a management consultant.

James is a degree holder who completed his studies at the University of Edinburgh. For higher studies, he spread his wings to the United States to get a degree from Harvard University.

James Kelly tied the knot with Laura Kuenssberg on 18 September 2019. The couple now leads a happy life together in east London and they share no children together.

Laura Kuenssberg Net Worth And Salary

Laura Kuenssberg, the former chief political editor at BBC News is having years of a successful career.  Apart from the reputation she gained from her hard work, she has already gained enough and is considered rich. 

According to reports from legit sources, the annual earnings of Laura Kuenssberg fall between a huge amount of £200,000 and £249,999.

This was the earnings she gained from her reputed position at the BBC. Later she stepped out of this post in 2022. She quit the chief position in May 2022 and in September 2022, she joined back as a full-time hoster at BBC by replacing  Andrew Marr.

Currently, she is hosting the flagship Sunday morning politics show on BBC. Being in this very new position, Laura is earning £335,000 to £340,000, yearly.

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In a Radio Times interview, the RJ asked about Laura’s income. For the question raised, Laura wisely answered by sharing his words that she is rewarded with a decent amount for the role she plays. She even mentioned that she is getting paid a very fair amount.

Into The Lesbian Rumors Of Laura Kuenssberg

Laura Kuenssberg, the British journalist and political editor at BBC news happily got married to a public figure in the United Kingdom on 18 September 2019.

It’s been three years since Laura got married to James and they are leading a happy family life together. There is no scanty information about the Journalist being lesbian.

As there is no proper evidence available showing that the journalist is lesbian, we could only say that it is fake. Also, the head and tail of this lesbian story are still unknown.

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