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Shakira Takes Shots At Her Ex Gerard Piqué In “BZRP Music Sessions #53”



Shakira Takes Shots At Her Ex Gerard Piqué In BZRP Music Sessions #53

The viral Argentinian music producer Bizarrap has featured some prominent vocal artists like Nicky Jam, Paulo Londra, and others on his youtube channel.

These artists usually rap over unique beats. However, this time for a twist the Bizarrap has collaborated with the Columbian artist who has flattered the entire fans with her 2010 world cup song “Waka Waka”, Shakira.

The much-anticipated song by Shakira has taken a direct aim at his ex-partner, Spanish Soccer player Gerard Pique. The couple announced their separation in June last year after holding each other for 11 years together.

The split among them erupted as his alleged affair with her co-worker Clara Chia Marti came to light during a zoom meeting.

Since then the former soccer player has been living together with his new girlfriend, whereas the vocal artist has been struggling with their separation.

The Song Which Says The Struggle Of Separation

The newly released song is a reflection of Shakira’s struggles over the separation, the lyric of the song itself references their breakup.

Shakira And Pique

In the initial phase of the music, she mentions that she left him because he was not there when she needed him the most, despite people labeling him as a champion.

In the latter part, she expressed that she should let her inner self out earlier, she metaphorizes the younger self as a she-wolf, which is a reference to her 2009 mega-hit “She Wolf”, which was before his arrival to the Columbian musician’s life and a she-wolf like her doesn’t deserve a guy like her ex-partner.

In another part of the lyric she also mentioned that he traded a Rolex for a Casio and Ferrari for Twingo, which is blunt to his girlfriend, she also cites her name as his girlfriend got a good name Clara, but she described that it is not how she sounds.

This would reference her illicit action of jeopardizing a healthy long relationship. It continued, as she went on she clearly described how she had gone away from life- claims that she had moved on from their long relationship.

To get a clear image of the song, listen and follow through with the lyrics to analyze the entire song.

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Prior to this Shakira released two more singles that made reference to her ex-partner, Gerard Pique, Te Felixito, and Montonia.

The Message To Ex-Partner

The newly released collab is bolder and more brutal than the previously released ones. In those singles, she had expressed how she missed him after the breakup and she clearly mentioned how she felt about him then.

Nevertheless, in this collaboration with the Argentinean artist Bizarrap, from the look of the lyrics- it is evident to believe that she is sending a clear message to her ex-partner that she had moved on.

Both of her previously released songs touched on the theme of breakup as Shakira is currently experiencing. Her single “Te Felecito” which was released in April last year, hit Number One on Billboard’s Latin Airplay Chart.

Earlier in October, she revealed that their separation has been bothering her for a long time, as she was going through it- making her more difficult to talk about it.

Moreover, the publicity of their relationship had grown massive which bothers her then, even more when they got separated.

In the new years eve, she wrote on Instagram with an opening line that, over time all our wounds will heal as well we all have to move on and keep trusting others, despite betrayal.

She continued to believe that there is more good in the world than the worst. She went on to say that the tears due to the wounds will never go in vain as they keep watering the soil of our future to make us more human; and continue to love, despite suffering.

Following their separation, the couple has been in a rusty custody battle over the custody of their two sons.

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