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Was Tangmo Nida Murdered? Autopsy Revealed The Cause Of Death



Was Tangmo Nida Murdered Autopsy Revealed The Cause Of Death

Tangmo Nida, nicknamed Tangmo, was a renowned Thai actress, model, and singer. By stage and still colloquially known as Pattaratida Patcharaveerapong, her death seems still a mystery!

Tangmo died in the year 2020, February 24. Her death and the autopsy sparked many theories and multiple debates. Police officials were found to be curious about the autopsy of Tangmo Nida. The mysterious death was finally unwrapped on Tuesday, 10th January 2023.

Pattaratida Patcharaveerapong was a very familiar face in Thai dramas as she was a leading actress in several Thai dramas. In the year 2003, the actress made her acting debut when she was a Matthayom 1st grader. Years back, in 2002, she was the 4th runner-up competing in the Miss Teen Thailand Pageant. This victory gained by Nida paved the way for stepping into the entertainment industry.

What Does Autopsy Say?

Recently in a press conference conducted at the Police Region 1 headquarters on Tuesday, the chief of Police Region 1, Pol Lt-General Jiraphat Phumphichit concluded the cause of death of Tangmo Nida came to light as an accident caused by imprudence and recklessness.

Was Tangmo Nida Murdered Autopsy Revealed The Cause Of Death

The conclusion of the case gave her huge fan circle a great relief after years of allegations linked to the death of Nida. After concluding the case, the case file was handed to the public prosecutors in Nonthaburi. 

Concerning the death case of Tangmo Nida, 37, six suspects were arrested and kept under custody for about a year. After the cause of death of the Thai actress got revealed, the suspects who were tagged with relevant charges were released on bail. 

The chief investigator, Jiraphat, and his investigating team of six opened up their words that they interrogated the suspects, who are six in number, and registered the testimony conveyed by the 124 witnesses, who were at the spot.

According to the reports, on February 24th, Tangmo Nida fell off a personal speedboat into the Chao Phraya River. The natives, police, and the rescue team were in search of the body of the actress.  2 days after the incident, the team found the body of the Thai actress.

The case file framed by the chief investigator, Jiraphat, highlights the point that the actress was on the boat with five others. These are the five who face criminal charges and now got released on bail. Apart from these 5 who were on the boat, a sixth person was charged allegedly and is facing the same law charges.

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The autopsy conducted by the medical team initially found nothing unusual on her face, body, or bones. But later when the second round of autopsy was performed, the report stunned many eyes. As it highlights the presence of 22 wounds on her legs that were left unnoticed or intentionally kept as a secret point.

The reports concluded by the Central Institute for Forensic Science based on the autopsy from the remains of Tangmo Nida puts in quote the actress’s mother’s concerns.

They listed not less than 11 concerts and showcased them in the latest revealed reports. It is said that there are still some concerns left unresolved because the second autopsy conducted was on the remaining state of Tangmo. 

According to the latest autopsy reports, it was found integral as it was found to solve most of the concerns of Nida’s mother. Decha Kittivittayanan, the attorney at the press conference, opened out his words that there were no other significant changes in the autopsy report compared to the initial one other than the newly found 22 minor wounds on the actress’s legs. 

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