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Priscilla Presley’s Age, Children, Net Worth, And Her Daughter’s Death



Priscilla Presley's Age, Children, Net Worth, And Her Daughter’s Death

Priscilla Ann Wagner popularly Known as Priscilla Ann Presley a prominent American actress and businesswoman. She was born on May 24, 1945, in Brooklyn. She became famous after married Elvis. 

Priscilla Presley Relationship

She wed Mr. Elvis Presley popular American singer on May,1,1967 at the Las Vegas ceremony. Their marriage function just lasted for eight minutes with presents of a few gusts.

Priscilla met Elvis on September 13, 1959, at a party in Germany. Elvis was in the army at that time. Instantly they get acquainted and her parents opposed her from that relationship. But Elvis initiated to convince them to allow her to see him. They were together until he left Germany. Later they met after 2 years. 

Priscilla Presley Relationship

Priscilla wrote a book in the name of Elvis and Me. She clearly explained the relationship between her and Elvis in her book. And she also said that she was a virgin until their marriage.

She did not have sex with Elvis before marriage. Many questions have been raised about her claim of her virginity. However, the couple lived together for 5 years. 

The main reason for their separation is Elvi’s relationships with other women. He was seeing other women and leaving Priscilla at home. Their daughter Lisa Marie was a child at that time. Elvis often leaves Priscilla and Lisa alone at home. 

Priscilla had another affair with a man after their separation in 1972. Their divorce was officially declared on October 9, 1973, after completing all processes.

She kept a relationship with her karate instructor. Priscilla and Elvis tried to keep a friendship together after their separation. 

She concentrated more on her career and business after they separated. She started her acting career and she served the Elvis Presley Enterprises as a chairwoman after the death of Elvis. Later Elvis Presley Enterprises transformed into Elvis Presley’s mansion Graceland. 

Priscilla Presley’s Age And Family

The gorgeous actress Priscilla celebrated her 77th birthday on May 24, 2022. She was born to her Mother Anna Lillian Iverson and father James Wagner in 1945. Her mother was 19 at the time Priscilla was born.

Her father was a US Navy Pilot and died in a plane crash. Priscilla was 6 months old at the time of her father’s demise. And her mother remarried Air Force Officer Paul Beaulieu in 1949. 

Priscilla Presley Children 

Priscilla and Elvis share one daughter together. Lisa Marie Presley was born in 1968. Lisa was always self-conscious and build up her career in the music industry. She also released three albums. 

Priscilla Presley Children 

Her marital life was not much successful. She married four times. Her former partner included actor Nicolas Cage and singer Michael Jackson. She has five children. 

Her son Navarone was born in 1987. Italian screenwriter and computer programmer Marco Garibaldi was his father. Marco and Priscilla lived together for 22 years. 

Lisa Marie’s Health Condition And Death 

Lisa was hospitalized following a cardiac arrest. Fans and followers were shocked after hearing the news about their favorite singer.

And her mother Priscilla Presley came up with the facts about her health condition through Twitter.

She said her daughter Lisa was rushed to the hospital and received the best treatment. And also said to keep her in all of your prayers. 

Lisa Mary died on 12 Thursday, January 2023 at the age of 54. Her health condition was getting worse followed by cardiac arrest. Priscilla Presley confirmed her death by sharing devastating news through a statement that her beautiful daughter has left the world. 

Lisa also appeared at the Golden Globe Awards with her mother two days before her death.

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Later Life Of Priscilla 

Priscilla kept a number of long-term relationships after her divorce. She lived with her karate instructor Mike Stone for a few years. And had a relationship with Terry O Neill a photographer, Lawyer Robert Kardashian, Elie Ezerzer a hairdresser, and Kirk Kerkorian a financier. 

She started a living relationship with Michael Edwards and end it after 6 years. She was intentionally stopping the relationship with him by realizing his attraction to her teenage daughter Lisa Marie.

Her longest relationship was with Marco Garibaldi an Italian writer. She lived with him for 22 years. And they share a son named Navarone.  

And later she lived with Nigel Lythgoe a British TV executive and for 3 years. They broke up in 2009. And in 2010 she kept several relationships with many people including Britsh DJ Toby Anstis, Australian entertainer Barry Crocker, and restauranteur Richie Palmer. 

Net worth

According to some authentic sources the estimated Net worth of Priscilla Presley was around $50 million. She living a lavish Luxurious life. Her main source of income is business. As a businesswoman, she earned more from the field. And she also had revenue from acting.  

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