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Iris Apfel’s Net Worth, Family, And Diet (Also A Few Young Photos)



Iris Apfel's Net Worth, Family, And Diet (Also A Few Young Photos)

If you are an American, you will definitely know about American businesswoman, Iris Apfel. She is the fashion icon of the united states of America.

Apfel was born and brought up in the city of New York. After completing her graduation Apfel worked for women’s wear daily. She married Carl Apfel in 1948 and the couple started the textile firm old world weavers.

Iris Apfel has made her remarks in a variety of fields by undertaking many restoration projects. She was involved in working at the white house for presidents such as Nixon, Johnson, Carter Ford, Reagan, etc. Iris Apfel won the title of one of the fifty best-dressed over the 50s by The Guardian in 2013. 

Iris Apfel’s Net Worth

She is a successful entrepreneur leading a victorious career in textiles with her husband, Carl. her age doesn’t affect her career. Most probably she might be the coolest lady that you’ve ever heard of.

Iris Apfel's Net Worth, Family

She is widely recognized as one of the best women entrepreneurs in the world. Iris Apfel is considered an inspiration for the present generation. The most shocking news about the designer is that she has a net worth of $25 million. 

Apfel’s Successful Journey With Her Partner

When it comes to Iris Apfel’s life, she has a beautiful love story with her husband, Carl Apfel. Their adorable love story and their bond were priceless.

The couple meet in 1947 at a resort on Lake George in Upstate New York. Carl proposed to Iris and they got married in 1948. The couple spent almost 75 years together. During those years the couple started their own textile company.

Apfel’s Successful Journey With Her Partner

Their inspiring love story and her achievement as a successful entrepreneur lead her to a documentary called Iris. The documentary got wide attention and is available on Netflix.

Actually, Iris’s wedding was quite unexpected. She didn’t wish to get married or was never interested to lead a married life.

Meeting her husband Carl Apfel changed everything in her life. Iris said in an interview that the couple never intended to go into the fabric business.

After 2 years of marriage, they started the Old World Weavers textile company. The business boomed between 1950 and 1992. Iris Apfel is such a brilliant lady who completed her internship with interior designer Elinor Johnson.

From her teenage, she had a knack for sourcing the materials and fabrics to restore antique pieces. In 2005, Iris Apfel and her husband Carl made an exhibition to showcase her unique fashion sense in an exhibit.

The exhibition occurred as a part of her retirement from the interior design industry. The museum highlighted everything that she displayed. Her iconic oversized tortoiseshell glasses to her whimsical patterned coats are attracted millions of people. 

Iris had a wonderful journey with her husband, both in her career and personal life also. Carl is the backbone of her achievement. Her husband equally supports Iris to achieve her dreams. That’s the best gift that Carl can give to his beloved.

Carl said in an interview that he wanted to do more things in his life to make his wife happier. He prays to the lord that let him do it. In 2015, Carl passed away. But he did the best for his child bride before he leaves. 

The couple did not have children. Because their work required mostly traveling. Iris didn’t want children. Because she is not interested in children being raised by a nanny. 

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Apfel’s Secret Diet

People are curious to know about the lifestyle of Iris Apfel. Because the 102 years old lady still looks vibrant and stunning in her appearance.

Iris starts her morning with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and hot cereal. She uses decaffeinated coffee with hot skim milk. Iris is full of energy and her laugh is infectious. The simple approach to life is the key to her success.

She said that she prefers a simple life, not rich things. She and her partner traveled a lot. Carl made the best omelets for her.

Mostly the couple preferred lean meats and white fish in their launches. She includes a lot of vegetables, fruits, and desserts in her daily menu. She avoids processed foods and uncooked meats.

She said that the best diet is to push ourselves from the table. Most importantly, Apfel does not consume any supplements. She keeps her food menu when she travels. She doesn’t eat any junk food and stays away from unhealthy cuisines.

Iris Apfel is still a vibrant lady with positive vibes in her old age. She is not only a fashion icon but one of the best motivators also. She is a role model for others by telling us how to conquer their passion by leading a simple life.

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