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Why Is Joe Trohman Taking A Break From Fall Out Boy? What Happened To Him? 



Why Is Joe Trohman Taking A Break From Fall Out Boy What Happened To Him 

The lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the American rock band Fall Out Boy, Joseph Mark Trohman, professionally known as Joe Trohman, is the talk of the town lately. He is also the lead guitarist for the heavy metal supergroup, The Damned Things. 

Last year, Trohman released his memoir, ‘None of This Rocks’ in which he spoke about his mental illness and insecurities that he has gone through his entire life. But that is not what caused the buzz about the artist in the entertainment media lately. 

The American musician, singer, and record producer has announced a hiatus from the band, Fall Out Boy for his mental health. The rock band was formed by Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman in 2001 in Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

The Band Is Facing A Difficult Situation

Initially, the band was formed as a pop-punk side project but later became a band consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Patrick Stump, bassist Pete Wentz, drummer Andy Hurley, and guitarist Joe Trohman.  

Why Is Joe Trohman Taking A Break From Fall Out Boy

Despite the fact that the band is having a difficult time, things could be getting a little worse with the stepping down of one of its co-founders. The band has lately announced their forthcoming eighth studio album, So Much (for) Stardust on January 18, 2023, and is set for release on March 24.

On the same day, Trohman announced his decision to temporarily step down to improve his mental health. He posted a lengthy note on the band’s official Instagram account stating that his health has rapidly deteriorated over the past several years.

So, in order to avoid the chances of fading away and never returning, he is taking a break from work that includes a temporary hiatus from the band Fall Out Boy. He continued that the decision of stepping down is really painful, especially with an upcoming album release that makes him full of great pride.

After Trohman’s announcement, fans are going crazy as they have queries regarding the artist’s membership in the band. They even doubt that the artist might not return to the band in the near future even though he said that he would come back one hundred percent.

He claimed that he should put his mental health as his first priority and used the opportunity to thank everyone including his bandmates, and family for believing in him and understanding him, and respecting the difficulties behind this painful decision. 

Fans of the band and the artist have shown their love and support for Trohman through comments that flooded within hours. Some asked him to take all the time he needed as they’ll wait for him as long as it takes. They showered all the love and respect they have for the artist. 

With the hiatus of Trohman, the band hasn’t revealed yet who will replace Trohman in his absence. Although it is believed that the artist will return in the near future after recovering from all the difficulties he is facing right now, people still have some doubts. 

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As mentioned earlier, Trohman released a memoir in September 2022 namely, ‘None of this Rocks.’ In this, he stated that the artist is suffering from a severe mental illness that doesn’t allow him to picture himself as someone who ‘rocks.’ He added that the term ‘rockstar’ makes him feel like throwing up in his mouth. He even announced that his memoir is more like an anti-rock n’ roll memoir. 

The book discusses everything starting from antisemitism and his suicide attempt because of his relationship with his mother and the band which is expressed in a dark sense of humor so that people can take down the heavy moments just like an easier pill to swallow.    

Trohman born in Hollywood, Florida, U.S. on September 1, 1984 shares two daughters Ruby and Zayde Mae with his wife Marie Trohman. He lives in Chicago and created an animated series in 2020 called Mondo Trasho 3042 on YouTube which features a fictional band in the titular year of 3042. 

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